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Tata Sierra: India’s First Indigenous SUV 

The 90s just started. People have got very few options in terms of cars to choose from. The hatchbacks such as Maruti 800 and Alto. SUV segment was still not present in our country. The roads were dull and there was no thrill. This is when Tata decided to bring in India’s first SUV to the game. Tata Sierra is what we are going to talk about today. Let’s explore the legend.

1991 – Legendary SUV a.k.a Tata Sierra

Tata was known for commercial vehicles up until now. The first LCV from TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) was launched in 1988 under the name of Tatamobile 206 pick-up truck. This is what Tata Sierra was based on. Sierra can be dubbed as a closed version of Tata Telcoline (another name for 206).

The Legend
The Legend

Tata Sierra was also the first car from the company for private transport. It had to be unique and powerful. Talking about the body, it had a 3-door design. Tata Sierra was a rear-wheel-drive SUV with 4WD as an option too.

The Diesel Powerhorse
The Diesel Powerhorse

Talking about the engine, Tata Sierra came equipped with a 2.0-litre diesel engine that had two options, a turbocharger or no turbocharger. The non-turbocharged version gave out a power of around 68hp while the turbocharged Tata Sierra was able to produce over 90hp of power. The engine was mated to a G76 5-speed manual transmission. The turbocharged version of the engine was introduced at a later stage around the late 1990s.

The Interior
The Interior

But this is not all. The real USPs of the SUV were electric power windows, air conditioning, adjustable steering wheel and tachometer, first-time-ever in any Indian car. It also had a full glass roof at the rear portion of the SUV which is a very unique feature, even if launched nowadays.

2000 – The Legend is benched

The SUV used to cost around ₹5lakhs at that time. Thus it made it possible for only the elite to buy one. So the Sierra was not able to make a very huge mark on the customers and Tata replaced it with the very popular Safari in 2000.

But this was not the end of the legend. Legends never die. At the Auto Expo 2020, Tata Motors grabbed attention when they launched the Tata Sierra EV concept and also hinted the return of Sierra in a new form yet carrying on the legacy.

Tata Sierra EV at the Auto Expo 2020
Tata Sierra EV at the Auto Expo 2020

The new Tata Sierra concept has much to showcase, both on the outside and inside. Given we cant compare the engines yet as the new Sierra is still in a concept state but we can draw a contrast on the cosmetic of the car.

The New Concept
The New Concept

New headlamps, tail lamp LED that runs across the entire rear of the car a sleek yet imposing design all just click into place. Not forgetting the branding on the back which used to be on the Stepney (that word brings nostalgia on its own) in the old Sierra is still present.

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But as the EV is just a concept, we’ll have to wait for a while before the company officially launches the Sierra back and let the cult of Sierra decide the future.

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