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Mahindra Axe | A Made in India Light Military Tactical Vehicle

Not every day you come across a special type of vehicle designed for a particular purpose. But today is different. Today, we are going to shed some light on a Light Military Tactical Vehicle designed by Mahindra’s defence manufacturing branch. Mahindra has always been a frontier when it comes to making vehicles for the Army. And the Mahindra Axe is the Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) designed for the special forces in the army. Let’s take a look at what has the Axe got under its hood.

{All the information in the article below has been sourced from the brochures uploaded by Sidharth S. on his Instagram handle, ‘the_.czar‘.}

Engine Specifications

Fuel Type Petrol Diesel
Engine 4.2-litre 6-cyl 2.7-litre 5-cyl
Power 275hp @6,000rpm 173hp @4,000rpm
Torque 373Nm @3,600rpm 340Nm @1,800rpm
Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission Mercedes-sourced 5-speed Automatic
Transfer case 4×4 electric shift with 2 gear ratios

The diesel engine is sourced from Mercedes whereas the petrol one comes from GM. The Mahindra Axe comes equipped with 3-channel ABS. The Axe is built on a chassis that has evolved from the racing cars, which means light but stiff.

Mahindra Axe | The Army Fitments

Mahindra Axe | Dropped down Windscreen for Weapon mounting
Mahindra Axe | Dropped down Windscreen for Weapon mounting

Being specifically designed for the special forces of the Indian army, the FAV needs to be able to get some fitments. The list of the ones that can be made to the Axe:

  • Machine Gun mount with storage for ammunition.
  • Storage for other weapons and their ammunition.
  • In-built water storage of 90 litres.
  • Space for Antenna mounts.
  • Jerry can Brackets.
  • Storage for personal and battle kits of the crew members.

The front windscreen can drop down for the easy mounting of weapons. The Axe has been designed to meet the requirements of the Indian Army.

Mahindra Axe | An Off-ROADER that puts others to shame

Mahindra Axe
Mahindra Axe

With 4×4 drive capabilities and two powerful engines at disposal, Mahindra Axe is one of the best off-roaders. It has got independent suspensions on all four wheels. Both the ends get double-wishbone with coil-over shocks. The rear wheels also get a stabilising bar. It has got superb cross-country performance abilities. With a 70-degree angle of approach and 45-degree angle of departure, Mahindra Axe can easily course through any terrain.  It has a Gradeability of 58%! It can easily cruise through any sort of terrain. Perfect for the army operations! Isn’t it?

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Does Army use Mahindra Axe in their Special Ops?

The Mahindra Axe never made it to the army vehicles list. Army conducted trials but they never placed an order for the vehicle. The company had planned to introduce Axe for the civilians. But this plan also seems to have got some blockade. Check out the video above and see how great of an offroader this vehicle is!

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Do you want the company to launch this vehicle for civilian sale? Or, should this vehicle be inducted into the army? Let us know in the comments section below.

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