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Toyota Corolla Altis Accident in Faridabad | Car rams into house [Video]

The country is going through the 3rd phase of the lockdown. All of us are trying our best to support the nation in this time of difficulty but there are certain violators too. A recent piece of recent news from Faridabad (Haryana) shows that a Toyota Corolla Altis had an accident where the overspeeding car rammed into the wall of one of the houses! Too lazy to read the article? Scroll to the end of the article to find a video shared by one of our readers. The Faridabad Altis accident is worth noticing due to multiple factors.

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First of all, Faridabad has been declared a red zone in lockdown 3.0 criteria. Therefore, there should be no movement. The victims say that the accident happened around midnight. The driver should definitely be questioned on his presence on the road at that time. The other thing to notice about the Faridabad Altis accident is the build quality of the car! Although the house owners had to face multiple losses, the car’s driver is completely safe! Surprising! isn’t it? Toyota Corolla Altis has got such a sturdy design and build that the driver was safer even after the car rammed into a wall! The safety system is well-built and the airbags were deployed well-in-time which saved the driver.

Faridabad Altis Accident
Faridabad Altis Accident

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There was only one cause of this Faridabad Altis accident – overspeeding. The house is opposite a T-intersection where the man came overspeeding. He might have lost control on the wheel and therefore instead of turning left or right, rammed the car straight into the house. The house residents were also lucky enough to escape unhurt. They have suffered a lot of loss, though. The victims claim the car driver to be drunk as per what we know till now. The police are currently investing the case proactively.

Faridabad Altis Accident
Faridabad Altis Accident

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The only thing to learn from the Faridabad Altis accident is that we should respect and obey the lockdown. Help the authorities by staying safe inside your homes. The most important lesson that all the drivers should take is to never Overspeed. Road accidents in India result in many injuries and even deaths. Be a careful driver and make the Indian roads safe for everyone!

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