5 Reasons Why We Believe That Toyota Is So Reliable

Reasons Why We Believe That Toyota Is So Reliable

Toyota is known around the globe for the kind of reliability it offers. This is one of the main reasons why a Toyota is a best-selling car in the world. Toyotas are not only reliable, but they are also relatively easy on the maintenance front, which makes it just a little more functional for consumers. Here are 5 reasons why we think that Toyotas are so reliable!

  1. Toyota Cars last long

Take up any old Toyota and you’ll find it running ever so smoothly. It doesn’t matter if the car has completed Lakhs of kilometres, you will hardly notice any issues with the engine or even the electronics. These cars don’t show signs of wear and tear like rattling noises, crackling from the engine, etc. This is one of the main reasons behind Toyota being so reliable.

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior
  1. Excellent Research and Testing

One of the reasons Toyota takes its own sweet time to introduce new features is because they put in a lot of R&D behind it. Consumers do feel that a car as expensive as the Fortuner and the Innova should at least have a sunroof. But, Toyota devotes a lot of time and resources in making sure that every single feature in the car works, and will work for the eternity of time! This is the reason why we see so many features coming in a Toyota car a little bit later than the competition.

12 Years Of The Toyota Fortuner
  1. Toyota’s Importance to basics

Nowadays, many manufacturers are shifting their focus to features like connected car tech, voice commands and many more. However, the Japanese carmaker still maintains its focus on the basic pillars that make a good car; Build Quality, Engine, Driving Dynamics and Reliability. This does make their cars a little less attractive from a features point of view, but people who want their cars to last longer still opt for them with closed eyes.

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  1. Superior Material Quality

Toyota is known for using top-notch quality materials on its products. It can either be plastics, leather or even sheet metal. Everything is of standardized quality. The price or segment of a car does not decide the quality of materials that will be used.

2003 Toyota Corolla
  1. Industrial Experience

Toyota has been in the market for multiple decades now, and they have a lot of experience delivering to a wide range of consumers. They have faced issues and they have had failed products, but they have always learnt from their mistakes and delivered a better product. All this experience has also enabled them to deliver excellent after-sales services.

2013 Toyota Innova

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