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8 Turbo Petrol Car To Consider In 2021 (Sub ₹20 Lakhs)

Not so long ago, diesel engines were a thing in the Indian automotive industry. These torque monsters were known for superior drivability in the city and exceptional cruising ability on the highways. This was all possible because of magic called a turbocharger. Now, with turbo diesel engines a thing of the recent past, car makers here in India are after slapping a turbo in petrol engines.

This led to the birth of some really powerful turbo petrol engines in India for India. So, to make things a little less stressful here are 8 some of the most frugal engines on offer.

  1. Hyundai/Kia 1.0-litre Turbo GDi

    Hyundai Venue IMT with the 1.0L TGDI Petrol Engine
    Hyundai Venue IMT with the 1.0L TGDI Petrol Engine

    Engine Specs

    Engine 1.0 l Kappa Turbo GDi Petrol 3 Cylinder
    Power 120ps@6,000 rpm
    Torque 172 Nm@1500-4000 rpm
    Transmission 6-speed manual or iMT or 7-speed DCT

    They were the Koreans that kick-started the trend of turbo petrol engine here in India. Nevertheless, they were not the first ones to introduce a powerful petrol engine in their stable. That said, this 1.0-litre engine does duties in a plethora of vehicles from Kia as well as Hyundai. Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue, Hyundai i20 to name a few.

  2. Volkswagen 1.0-Litre TSI

    Volkswagen 1.0-litre engine
    Volkswagen 1.0-litre engine

    Engine Specs

    Engine 1.0-Litre TSI petrol
    Transmission 6-Speed Manual / 6-speed Torque converter Automatic
    Power 110ps@5,000-5,500
    Torque 175N m@1,750-4,000 rpm

    Thinking of downsizing an engine? Probably the Germans are one of the best players at it. Volkswagen is among the car manufacturers that introduced India with a turbo petrol engine. It was a 1.2-litre 4 cylinder TSI motor that did duties in the Polo and Vento a while back. But now, they have shifted to a 1.0-litre 3 cylinder TSI motor that comes mated to a 6-speed manual or a torque converter automatic transmission.

  3. Tata 1.2-litre Revotron Turbo Petrol

    Tata Altroz i-Turbo Engine
    Tata Altroz i-Turbo Engine

    The Indian carmaker Tata is late to the party but surely offers a decently powerful engine in the segment. The 1.2-litre Revotron turbo petrol engine comes with the Tata Nexon and recently was introduced with the new Altroz i-Turbo.

    It’s a different story that the engine is heavily detuned in this premium hatchback from Tata. The motor comes mated to a 6-speed MT or an AMT. Also, it is only the 5-MT when it comes to the hatch.

  4. Nissan/Renault 1.3-litre Turbo Petrol

    Renault's 1.3-litre Turbo Petrol Engine
    Renault’s 1.3-litre Turbo Petrol Engine

    Engine Specs

    Engine 1.3-Turbo Petrol
    Transmission 6-Speed MT
    Power 156 ps @ 5500 rpm
    Torque 254 Nm @ 1600 rpm

    Thinking of power? Look no other way than the new Nissan’s 1.3-litre Turbo Petrol motor. This motor is *THE* most powerful motor at its price. Speaking of which, this motor does its job in the Nissan Kicks and the Renault Duster. Interestingly, this engine is also available in the new Mercedes Benz A-Class.

    Interesting Fact: This 1.3-litre engine was designed and developed with Nissan, Renault and Daimler working together.

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  5. Jeep 1.4-litre Turbo Petrol

    Jeep Compass Night Eagle | Euro-Spec Engine
    Jeep Compass Night Eagle | Euro-Spec Engine

    Engine Specs

    Engine 1.4-litre Turbo Petrol
    Power 160Bhp @ 5500rpm
    Torque 250 Nm @ 2500 rpm
    Transmission 6-speed MT

    It is the international market that gets most of the powerful engines on the planet. How can we say this? Well, the Jeep Compass here in India comes with *MOST* powerful engine in under 20 lakhs and this engine is also a part of the package in the markets abroad. Along with being powerful, the motor is also refined with negligible NVH levels. Lifting the driving experience even further, this motor comes mated to either a 6-speed MT or 7-Speed DCT automatic.

  6. Hyundai/Kia 1.4-litre Turbo GDi

    1.4-litre T-GDi Turbo-Petrol
    1.4-litre T-GDi Turbo-Petrol

    Engine Specs

    Engine 1.4-Litre T-GDi
    Transmission 7-Speed DCT
    Power  140hp
    Torque 242Nm

    The Koreans are indeed obsessed with the turbo petrol engines. The customer magnet Creta and Seltos also comes with this gem motor. This engine boasts of a little more than decent power and torque figures. Solely for entertainment purposes, this motor in Seltos comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. And offering a little bit of convenience is a 7-Speed DCT gearbox.

  7. MG 1.5-litre Turbo Petrol

    MG Hector Plus | Engine options
    MG Hector Plus | Engine options

    Engine Specs

    Engine 1.5-litre Turbocharged Intercooled
    Power 143ps@5,000 rpm
    Torque 250 Nm@1600rpm-3600 rpm
    Transmission 6-speed Manual/DCT

    Speaking of a compact SUV, MG hector is the only one that comes with a turbo petrol engine with hybrid tech. Additionally, the engine that powers the vehicle is at power when it comes to power to weight ratio. This being a 4-cylinder engine, it is super refined and also comes with a couple of transmission options. From a 6-speed manual to a 7-speed DCT automatic.

  8. Mahindra mStallion 150 T-GDi

    mStallion 150 TGDi Petrol
    mStallion 150 TGDi Petrol

    Engine Specs

    Engine mStallion 150 T-GDi
    Power 150hp@5,000
    Torque 300Nm@1250-3000
    Transmission 6-speed Manual / 6-speed Torque Converter

    To extract the most out of a turbo petrol engine, GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) is the way to go. This is exactly what Mahindra has done with their mStallion series of engines. Talking about the production model, the new legendary Thar gets a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine that is powerful yet efficient. Besides, this is the only engine in the lot that drives all the 4 wheels of the vehicle.

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