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Vazarani Eknok (Render)
Vazirani Ekonk (Render)

Moving to the significant bit, a less known Indian hyper electric carmaker Vazirani unveiled another vehicle, ‘Ekonk’. This is the second vehicle from the carmaker after the Shul, which was unveiled about three years back. That said, with the new Ekonk, Vazirani is claiming it to be India’s fastest electric car. So, before breaking further, let’s see what all does the new Vazirani Ekonk features.

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As per the company, as “Ekonk” means the beginning, this vehicle also marks the dawn of Vazirani. Vazirani says Ekonk is their first vehicle that’s alive as it was recently tested at the newly constructed and inaugurated NATRAX facility in Indore. This is where the single-seater vehicle recorded a jaw-dropping performance.

What’s so special about the Vazirani Ekonk?

Vazarani Eknok, It's alive
Vazirani Ekonk, It’s alive

To begin with, the Ekonk gets an extremely powerful electric motor that is capable of punching 722hp. Also, to lay rubber on the track, this motor drives only the rear wheels.

Vazirani Ekonk

Powertrain 722hp Electric Motor
Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive Only
Acceleration (0-100kmph) 2.54sec
Weight 738kgs
Car Construction Mostly Carbon Fiber
Number of seat (s) ONE
  • Weighing just 738kg makes the vehicle achieve a rear 1:1 power to weight ratio.
  • Lightweight and near 1:1 power to weight ratio in conjunction makes this car achieve 0-100kph in about 2.54sec.
  • This makes Ekonk the fastest accelerating EV in India and one of the fastest in the world.
  • Taking some fast cars into perspective, Porsche Tycan (one of the fastest EVs) takes about 2.6sec to reach 100kmpl.
  • Kudos to some exotic materials like carbon fiber construction; the car weights so less.
  • Vazirani Ekonk is a single-seater, meaning this vehicle is for those who seek ONLY driving pleasure. Because of this, this mono-seater vehicle misses out on some electronic driver aids.
  • Ekonk, also features a unique cooling system for the battery, which the company claims to resemble biomimicry. This is how living organisms like humans and animals use breathing to keep the body temperature in check.

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But we are still waiting for Vazirani to uncover other crucial details.

In the comment section, let us know what you think of this new innovation, Ekonk.

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