As reported by GoMechanic in September itself that the government is working towards developing India’s own vehicle scrapping policy under which cars ageing 15 years and above will no longer be allowed to be driven on Indian road and if you wish to drive your old goldy then get ready to spend some big bucks.

The government has taken this step of introducing the Vehicle Scrapping Policy mainly to encourage the sales and production of new vehicles and to somehow control the pollution levels.

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  • The transport ministry has steered up the Vehicle Scrappage Policy for the scrapping of old vehicles which will be out for public comments in less than 2 weeks from now or 15th November to be precise. 
  • This will then be followed by a few guidelines issued by the transport ministry itself for the establishment for the vehicle scrapping centres.
  • The Vehicle Scrappage policy is expected to out new rules for older vehicles which will include new manifolds in re-registration of older vehicles as well.
  • The vehicle Scrappage policy is expected to generate new businesses and job opportunities as new scrappage centres and with other provisions in mind, the government has also cited to increase the registration fees by almost 25 times.
  • Under the Vehicle Scrappage Policy vehicle owners will have an option sell or transfer the vehicle to a neighbouring state before the Registration Certificate (RC) expires.
  • If the car is to be transferred to another state, it will have to be re-registered at a new RTO, and this registration will have to be updated in the records of the old RTO (Road Transport Office). Car scrapping will also be given as an option to car owners who are not willing or keen on transferring the vehicle to another state.
  • With the Vehicle Scrapping Policymaking, it’s way, it is important for us to know that as of now India has its sole government-authorized scrappage workshop in Greater-Noida and that it is owned by Indian auto giant Mahindra Accelo, in a joint venture with Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Ltd (MSTC). However, Recently Maruti Suzuki and Toyota too announced their joint venture for vehicle recycling.
  • However, with that said we will have to wait for November 15 to see what all changes the government has done to the previously drafted scrappage policy and how the public reacts.


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