Vehicle scrappage policy updated. So, if you are a Delhite and own a diesel vehicle for over 10 years, then it’s time for you to buy a new vehicle or get yourself prepared to pay a hefty fine of approximately 10,000.

Yes, this may sound a bit absurd but much recently the Delhi State Government has announced that all diesel and petrol vehicles greater than 10 years will be fined Rs. 10,000 if found on the road. Moreover, the state government has also instructed local authorities to impound such vehicles as well for scrapping purposes.

Vehicle Scrappage Policy Approved In India
Vehicle Scrappage Policy Approved In India

This new rule has been implemented in favor of the soon-to-launch Vehicle Scrapping Policy and the sales and purchase of new vehicles. The State government has also listed a number of authorized vehicle scrappers. According to a recent report, approximately 3.5 lakh vehicles still remain active which are due for scrapping.

Additionally, The apex court had also said that a list of such vehicles should be published on the transport department’s website, describing the pollution situation in Delhi NCR as “very critical.
Source: ET Auto

What is the Vehicle Scrapping Policy?

  • To curb pollution and battle the slowdown in the automobile sector, the Government of India has proposed and funded a car scrapping policy.
  • This policy aims at replacing old vehicles from Indian roads with new ones.
  • Once a vehicle’s registration certificate expires beyond its operational limit, a user can go to any government-authorized scrapping center and surrender the vehicle.
  • This policy is also being implemented to boost the production and sales of new vehicles.

What are the incentives of the newly introduced Vehicle scrappage policy?

  • The first and foremost benefit is cleaner air. As inefficient vehicles will be taken off the roads, the air pollution levels will automatically decrease.
  • Vehicle scrapping will ensure the removal of old vehicles and an increase in sales of new vehicles in India.
  • With the increased sale of new vehicles with advanced safety features, traveling on Indian roads will become a lot safer.
  • The government is also setting up authorized vehicle scrapping facilities, this will, in turn, generate huge employment opportunities in India.
  • Vehicle scrapping will be a breakthrough for the raw and precious metal recycling industry in India.
  • The government has decided to offer a 5% rebate on the purchase of new cars. The only catch is, that you have to scrap your old vehicle under the Vehicle scrapping policy.
  • However, the new scrapping policy will also include automated fitness and pollution tests for private vehicles older than 20 years, and commercial vehicles older than 15 years.
    He also stated that any vehicle failing the fitness test set-up under the PPP (public-private partnership) will do nothing but attract huge penalties and impounding.
    The government is also working upon introducing a “Green Tax”.

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  1. See USA and UAE laws. They don’t have scrappage policy like this. This is purely ripping the citizens for economical gains in the book.
    My vehicle is a Bolero purchased in 2010, means it’s over 11 years, but the odometer reading is around 75,000 kms. Scrapping such a pristine condition vehicle is absurd.
    If a vehicle pass a strict inspection at the end of 15 years, is to be sufficient for it to be road worthy.

  2. What an amazing idea the government has they wish to help the automobile companies, what about us who will help us tell to government to go ahead and replace the vehicles. How do they expect us to have so much money to keep buying bike. First of all you can’t provide proper education and jobs now this crap idea. On top of that the price of fuel is also too low I feel. This is ridiculous but as expected. God only knows what more worse things await our fate. It’s better I die of corona or just die before I see all this.

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