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What If… The Maruti Suzuki Brezza Was Made By Kia?

With each OEM offering its own distinct USP, there is a huge diversity of vehicles in the Indian automotive market. But imagine if you could take what you like from every manufacturer and build a vehicle that’s iconic in every sense. Exciting isn’t it? So here is what the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza would have offered if it was made by South Korean Automotive Giant Kia.

  1. Bigger Infotainment & Premium Sound

    Kia Sonet's Infotainment System
    Kia Sonet’s Infotainment System

    First things first, if Kia someday takes over the responsibility of offering the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, the first change would definitely be Kia offering 10.25-inch touch infotainment paired with BOSE premium sound setup. Both these features can potentially make the Vitara Brezza, a bliss to ride in much like all the vehicles offered by Kia Motors.

  2. Voice Controlled Electric Sunroof

    Electronic Sunroof

    Well, a feature that avid Vitara Brezza fans have been asking for decades, it seems that a voice-controlled electric sunroof would definitely be something that Kia would offer if it starts manufacturing the Maruti Suzuki Brezza. After all, even the Sonet offers a voice-controlled electric Sunroof.

  3. Turbo Petrol and Diesel Powertrains

    Kia's 1.4-litre Turbo Engine
    Kia’sTurbo Engine // Representation Image

    One thing that everyone misses on the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is the diesel powertrain, considering the fact that the Brezza was since the very begging a Diesel-powered SUV. And despite the fact that the Brezza has now adopted a petrol powertrain, it still doesn’t offer turbo petrol onboard. Well, with Kia onboard, the Brezza can not only get a 1.5 litre CRDi Diesel engine but also the 1.0-litre turbo petrol that does duty on the Kia Sonet.

    Schedule your car service with GoMechanic today!
    Schedule your car service with GoMechanic today!
  4. Better Auto Transmission(s)

    Kia Sonet Interior
    Kia Sonet With Its 6-Speed AT

    Despite being one of the key compact SUVs in India, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza only offers a 4-speed automatic transmission. But with Kia taking over, the Brezza can have the convenience of an iMT clutchless manual, a 7-speed DCT, and even a 6-speed AT onboard.

  5. A GT Line Variant

    The GT Line
    KIA’s GT Line

    With Kia taking over the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, one thing is sure: The Vitara Brezza GT Line. With several features and sporty iterations onboard, the GT Line would be an enthusiast’s dream come true. And with Kia’s history in making GT Line trims, the Brezza would definitely be in for some magic.

  6. Connected Car Tech & Modern Day Features

    All Kia cars to feature connected car technology in the future
    Kia’s connected car technology

    One thing that pushes back the Maruti Suzuki Brezza is its dearth of modern-day features. But with Kia Motors in the picture, the Vitara Brezza would get features like UVO Connected Car Technology, Ventilated Seats, Peddle Shifters, Multi Drive and Traction Modes, Remote Engine Start, Smart Air Purifier, and whatnot.

    So these were 6 changes the Brezza would have gone through, had it been manufactured by Kia Motors. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog for more such fantasy articles and everything automotive.

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