After the pandemic, the unexpected happened. The car sales started booming and the automotive industry is finally getting back on its feet. Pondering upon the current sales brought us to think, which car colour the customers usually prefer? Well, discussing the same we came down to just one colour, ‘White’. But Why White?

Road Hazards on Indian Roads
White car

As per the surveys, more than 40% of the cars on the road on the planet are white. Now after putting on our thinking hats here is what we thought the reason might be.

Why do people prefer white colour when buying a car?

When travelling on road not only in India but anywhere around the globe, this black tarmac is loaded with white cars. It is said that there are several reasons for buying a white car. No wonder Honda charges more for their whites.

  • Cheaper to Buy

    Cheaper to Buy

    Carmakers except for Honda usually have the white colour sitting at the bottom of the price list. The painting cost is on the lower side when talking white. That said, usually, the customers are after saving as much possible. Of course, why not save a couple of bucks?

  • Easy to Maintain

    Protect the paint of your car
    Protect the dark paint of your car

    White is the lightest colour one can choose for their car(s). And an interesting, proven fact is that the dents and minor scratches are not visible in light colours, in this case, white. Result? Less frequent maintenance and care of the car’s paint.

  • Dust Free?

    Dirty Car
    A Dirty Car | Image Source: (1)

    Well, not quite literally! Ever seen a dark coloured car with a little dust sitting on it? It surely seems more than it actually is. So, this is where the while colour car comes into account. A car that is painted white will witness zero to less visible dust on it. Unless the vehicle is sitting idle for months.

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  • Some Science

    Creta Sunroof
    Hot Cabin!

    Here in north India, the summers really take a negative toll on the interior of the cars. In the hot weather due to the sunlight, the interior of a vehicle gets super-hot. And what if we say this can be reduced? Yes! darker shades tend to absorb more heat than lighter colours and if you know white is the lightest of all.

  • Resale Value

    A Resale Value Worth It
    A Resale Value Worth It

    The above-mentioned reasons are why people usually go for white colour for their cars. And all of that combined makes the vehicle’s resale value high. So, if you have plans of selling the car after a short duration, white could just be the right option.

Something Extra

Hindustan Ambassador
Hindustan Ambassador

Indian government usually issues a white vehicle to its officials symbolising elegance and power. And, carmakers do offer a white colour. So, why should the government employees have all the Royal appeal?

Let us know which colour you’ll prefer? Still, sticking to white?

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