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7 Major Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be An EV

Whether we like it or not, the future is electric and there is a huge push everywhere in the world for manufacturers to electrify their lineup. If you’re an automobile purist, you know it is tough to move on to this creepily silent mode of transportation that is still in its larva stage. But with advancements in technology which is gaining more traction, electric vehicles are getting better at a faster rate. There may be many choices, with many options for you to choose from, but here are 7 major reasons why your next car should be an EV.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

    Reduced Cost of Maintenance
    Reduced Cost of Maintenance

    Since there are very few movable parts in an EV, the maintenance cost is comparatively very cheap. The service costs even after a couple of years will remain the same unlike ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) cars that have a lot more wear and tear and reduce life over time. The service cost of an electric car is almost equal to or even lesser than the service cost of a motorcycle while having the benefits of transporting more people in style. This is easily the most important reason why your next car should be an EV.

  2. EVs Are Ever Evolving

    Reduction in Time
    Reduction in Time

    Don’t get us wrong here because we know it takes several hours for any EV to recharge when compared to a few minutes for refuelling a fossil fuel. But for ICE vehicles you need to make time and effort to visit a petrol pump, wait till it’s refilled, make the payment, and then continue your journey to your office or back home. In the case of an EV, you charge it at night while you’re sleeping, go straight to your office and then back home, start charging again. With more charging infrastructure coming up at offices and other places, you can charge your EV while working as well. This is not the same case while travelling long distances owing to the reduced range and higher charging times of EVs but the difference is getting reduced drastically and pretty soon you will be able to tour on your EV effortlessly.

  3. EVs Are Getting More Reliable

    EVs lasts longer
    EVs lasts longer

    This reason might be used more than once but the fact that there are much lesser movable parts in an EV increases its chances of lasting longer. And, because of the same reason, there is a lesser chance of parts giving up or needing maintenance, which means EVs are more reliable than their ICE counterparts. So, if you choose to have a car for a longer period of time with fewer worries, then your next car should be an EV.

  4. EVs Get Better Over Time

    Fastest accelraing evs
    Tesla Model S

    Yes, EVs can get better over time. For example, Tesla provides Over-The-Air updates for its vehicles’ software that helps provide a smoother experience. The performance of cars can be limited through software, so ideally you can even improve the performance through OTA updates, which seems crazy but Tesla has done it on their cars before.

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  5. Lowest Running cost

    Lowest running cost
    Lowest running cost| Image Source:

    The image shown above clearly explains the point and is just a rough calculation considering petrol at Rs.80, but the price of petrol right now is even higher, so EVs actually make even more sense. The running cost does not include maintenance costs, so this increases the gap further. The per km cost of EVs, be it bike or car, is drastically less compared to ICE vehicles.

  6. EVs & Government Incentives

    Government incentive
    Government incentive

    Not to forget the incentives you get while purchasing an EV now. In order to push for a greener drive, the government is providing incentives, which makes cars cheaper than their ex-showroom prices. The incentives vary from one state to another though. With battery technology improving at a rapid rate, you can expect the prices of EVs to come down soon and along with these incentives, they will be a lot cheaper to own as well.

  7. Better Performance

    Ford Mustang Mach E performance
    Ford Mustang Mach E performance

    Of course, we saved the best for the last. With 100% of the torque available from the get-go, you have immediate acceleration, couple that with a lower centre of gravity and you have a weapon in your hands. Performance EVs are already breaking records all over the world in all types of tracks and they are leaving ICE cars in the silent dust. The acceleration times of performance EVs are mind-boggling and are breaking barriers in the world of speed.

In countries like India, where the charging infrastructure is still a long way to go, we sure are making good progress. What seems to be helping more on the cause is the government’s push to reduce the carbon footprint in every way possible. The government has promised to set up more charging infrastructure throughout India not only in cities but on highways and rural areas as well.

So the advantage is not only for you, the government, and the manufacturer but also for the coming generations of homo sapiens who will be able to see the flora and fauna that we help preserve for them.

Do you think going for an EV right now is a bigger compromise than going for an ICE vehicle? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Unless, until we use solar and hydel power we can’t say ev’s are pollution free because electricity we use for e vehicles are produced by thermal power plant which is one of the major sources of pollution..

    • Very true and with the push for cleaner energy getting stronger every day, we hope to see the EV infrastructure develop at a faster pace.

  2. Waiting for more charging stations on major highways atleast. All national highway should have charging stations for every 100 kms to start with.

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