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What If… The Maruti Suzuki Swift Was Made By Tata Motors

Festivities have been set in motion, and so has our creativity. So pull up socks as we dive into a world full of fantasy, where automobile crossovers are endless. And this time, it’s two of India’s most loved brands. So here’s what the Maruti Suzuki Swift would have had if it was manufactured by Tata Motors.

  1. 5 Star Safety Rating

    Tata ALFA Arc Architecture | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    Tata’s ALFA Arc Architecture

    First things first, safety is indeed Tata Motors strongest suit. And safety is also the thing that makes the Maruti Suzuki Swift quite infamous. So if Tata could someday take over the manufacturing of the Swift, we are sure to see a safety rating of 5 stars, with inclusions such as ALFA ARC architecture, ABS, EBD, and CSC etc.

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  2. Harman Powered Acoustic Sound

    Altroz’s Harman Sound System

    When it comes to in-cabin experience, sound plays a crucial role. And with Tata taking over the Maruti Suzuki Swift, the hatchback is sure to become even more exciting with Harman tuned acoustic sound system with a top-notch 6 speaker set up that will enhance the overall drivability of the Swift.

  3. Automatic Headlamps and Rain Sensing Wipers

    Car Wipers
    Rain Sensing Wipers

    Despite being one of India’s most selling hatchbacks, the swift misses on two modern-day creature comforts. But with Tata taking over the Swift automatic headlamps and rain-sensing wipers would be definitely included to make the Swift even more promising than it already is.

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    Schedule your car service with GoMechanic today!
    Schedule your car service with GoMechanic today!
  4. Turbo Petrol Engine

    Tata Punch’s 1.2 Liter Turbo Petrol Burner

    Despite ditching the diesel burner, one thing that the Swift still misses is a turbocharged petrol unit. But with Tata in the picture, the Swift can easily be offered with a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that does duty on the Tata Altroz, adding a little punch to the Swift’s driving dynamics.

  5. Diesel Burner

    Revotorq Engine
    Revotorq Engine

    With Maruti completely doing away with a diesel burner on most of its vehicles, Tata Motors can lend the Swift its 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine that does duty on the Altroz. With this bad boy on board, the Swift can regain its dominant status beating all other contemporaries in terms of both sales as well as popularity

    So these were the 5 key changes that the Swift would have gone through if it was manufactured by Tata Motors. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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  1. Despite these features available in most Tata cars Swift from Maruti outsells them. If Swift was with the Tata one would have definitely missed out on a refined engine, durability, finesse and decent mileage. Swift has been proudly running on roads, both India and abroad, like no other car, especially Tata. Has anybody tried to compare the number of Swift cars sold alone with the number of cars sold by Tatas? I am sure Swift alone outsells all Tata cars combined! Tata Indica is lost, Tata Indigo has lost, Tata Zest is lost but Swift continues to be there. What a great car!
    As far as rain sensing wipers and automatic headlamps are concerned they are not not something that Maruti cannot bring in. For music lovers even Swift has decent system; no regrets.

    • Seems like we have an avid Swift fan in the house. Well, we do agree with all that you say, but there is always scope for more. Rest assured, fantasy articles are about having a bit of fun. Nonetheless, the Maruti Suzuki Swift is indeed one of India’s best selling hatchbacks.

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