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Frequently Asked Questions

Bridgestone tyres are comfortable to drive with. They ensure safety and stability throughout and will not lack behind in tough conditions. They are affordable and available in almost all car brands and models. You can find Bridgestone tyres near you by typing “Bridgestone Tyre Store Near Me” in the search browser.
Bridgestone Tyres give a full warranty of three years from the date of purchase and four years from the date of manufacture.
An original Bridgestone Tyre will have a 10 to 12 digit number on the sidewall of a tyre known as tyre identification number. The tyre will always have an acronym like “DOT”. It may be like DOT ELCB DKE 1800. If the tyre is made after 200, you can recognize it by looking at the last four digits on the sidewall of a tyre. You can also type “Bridgestone authorized tyre dealer near me” in the search bar.
The survival of tyre depends on the way it has been maintained but generally, a Bridgestone Tyre lasts for at least six years.
Bridgestone Tyres have Silencer Grooves in the Resonance Noise Attenuated tread that reduces the noise and makes it comfortable to drive without any disturbance.

Bridgestone Tyre Near Me

Bridgestone tires are one of the most promising tires in the country, offering a good grip in all weather conditions. Being ideal for all ranges, they are affordable and approachable too. To find the best Bridgestone match for your car, type “Bridgestone Tyre shop Near Me” in the search browser or visit GoMechanic Center for personal experience. 


Bridgestone Tyres are very promising which leads to their high demand in the Indian market. They are one of the highest performing tires and provide good gripping in dry and wet, both the conditions. Bridgestone Tyres are popular for their commitment to stability and durability and the Bridgestone customers are confident while driving and have never experienced anything but a smooth trip. You can select the best fit for you by searching for “Bridgestone Select Near Me”.

Bridgestone Tyres are available for luxury car brands like Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lexus. For the affordable car brands, we can find them for Eritiga, i10, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Mahindra, SUV, Innova, Hyundai, Toyota, Datsun, Maruti Suzuki Dzire and many more. Along with providing premium service, Bridgestone Tyres also takes care of the social responsibility that it is such a high end and yet affordable brand. They support and keep in mind the factors of the environment while designing their tires. You can find the best dealers near your doors by simply putting “Bridgestone Tyre Dealer Near Me”.


Safe Driving: First and foremost advice that GoMechanic and Bridgestone Tyres both give is safe driving. Rash driving leads to your tires wearing out no matter what company they are from. So, happy and safe driving from the next time?

Tyre Balancing: An unbalanced tyre may give your car unexpected vibrations and to avoid that, tyre balancing is recommended after driving for every 5000 km. We provide a very affordable range in tyre balancing here at GoMechanic.

Tyre Rotation: It’s important to rotate your tyre and check if the tyre has wo out from any side. Tyre rotation is also recommended every 5000 km to get it all geared up and ensure safety for your long drives.

Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is very important to obtain 100 percent safety of your Bridgestone tyres. To know if your wheels are properly aligned or not, you can visit the GoMechanic Center every 5000 km later and get it done.

Inflation Check: Inflation Check is one of the very important aspects of tyre maintenance and should be put attention to every 3000 km. It’s important to get it checked before every long trip. You know that your tyre needs to be inflated when it tus cold and we at GoMechanic provide the best service at the right time needed.

Tyre Fitting: With every new purchase in the Bridgestone Tyre range with GoMechanic, you get a complimentary fitting free. We ensure to give the best deals to customers for their benefit and long time satisfaction.  

Tyre Purchase: Employees at GoMechanic know what is best for your car type and will willingly guide you through. GoMechanic is also an authorized brand and provides 100 percent original tyres with a responsible warranty.

Tyre Replacement: GoMechanic will guide you when your tyre completely wears out and needs a quick replacement. To get more details on the health of your tyre, visit GoMechanic Center near you or simply search for “Nearby Bridgestone Tyre Showroom.”  


Bridgestone Tyres prove to be the best fit for all ranges, from the middle class to high-end customers. They are stable and durable throughout the jouey and are really supportive in both city and highway drives. Bridgestone Tyres ensure smooth trips and will not make you feel uncomfortable even on rough roads. The tyres provide the same service in all the weather conditions, be it wet or dry. So, if you are really looking for a tyre to satisfy all the basic and then luxury needs, you have your answer – Bridgestone Tyres!


Bridgestone Tyre Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. Bridgestone EcopiaRs.6600
2. Bridgestone B250Rs.4600
3. Bridgestone B290Rs.4850
This data was last updated on 31/10/2020