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Frequently Asked Questions

GoMechanic’s car repair services tries to keep you and your passengers safe while riding in your Toyota Car. The experts and the technicians will work together to help you prioritize the need of repairs and service always on time, replacements or maintenance needed.
Regular maintenance of your Toyota Innova at the nearest GoMechanic Center protects your investment, ensures safety, gives a comfortable riding experience, helps to prevent breakdowns, and will save you on the cost of repairs in the future.
Depending on the model of your Toyota car, locating any engine problem or replacing a part requires disassembly or removal of other parts to access the area for repair. Gomechanic focuses on giving beyond satisfactory response and hence repair might involve long labor hours.
Typically it includes washing, waxing, external detailing, vacuuming, and deep cleaning. It may also include headlight restoration, exterior paint polishing, waxing, shampooing carpets and deep cleaning of the engine if asked for or as per needed.
GoMechanic uses high lubricating sprays to brighten and wash the bodywork of the vehicle. These chemicals surround the dirt and dust particles. Dry Cleaning is a similar process to how water removes dirt, but the chemical combination of a waterless car wash product is what makes it more efficient.

Toyota Service Center Near Me

When your Toyota car is expected for service and repair but you don't have time or short on cash, you may sometimes choose to let the car run for a few hundred miles before taking it to the nearby Toyota Service Center. However, you should know that it is in your best interest to get your Toyota Car an interim service as soon as it's time. If you wish to keep the performance of your car at a better level and extend the life of the engine, don't wait to take your car to the nearest Toyota workshop! Taking good care of your car can now be made easy with regular services at GoMechanic.

What is included in a regular car service at GoMechanic workshops?

  • Change engine oil & oil filter.
  • Check and top-up fluids.
  • Clean air filter ( which is best done at 7,500 km mark).
  • Wheel rotation, balancing & alignment.
  • Check and adjust all belts. Replace if any are cracked/wo out.
  • Check all hose pipes. Replace if any are cracked/wo out.
  • Check wiper blades & adjust washer nozzles.
  • Check all lights.
  • Check/service battery.
  • Complete cleaning and waxing of the car.
  • Apply paint to the small nicks & dents. Get bodywork done where necessary.

How Often Should I visit Toyota Car Service Center Near me? 

Every Toyota car has its own maintenance schedule–usually included in the manual kit–and it is followed to keep the car at optimum performance and ensure that it lasts as long as possible. However, almost every Toyota car sold in India i.e Toyota Glanza, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Etios Liva, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius, Toyota Etios, and Toyota Land Cruiser have the similar service schedule which can be checked on the service booklet provided with the car.

With that said, an Interim & Full service is the most commonly quoted band. As per your car service schedule, you can verify which one is needed. If you've lost this, look for a GoMechanic workshop near you, which can provide an appropriate interim or full-service quote for your needs.

Interim service: 

An interim service is the most basic level of car service that, if applicable, will give you a stamp in your service book and reset the service clock of the car. It will change the oil and oil filter, make some additional safety checks and lubricate some moving parts. The checks should concentrate on the bell, the lights, the brakes, the fluid levels, the exhaust, the tires and the search for any fluid leaks in the car.

Full service: 

In addition to a further point of interest, a full service requires all the same checks as in the interim service. Typically included are top-ups of brake fluid and antifreeze, further brake inspections, engine inspection, wheel bearings, and shock absorbers, and replacement of air conditioning system pollen filters are usually included as well.

Typically a full service requires anything apart from any parts listed as needing to be changed in your vehicle service schedule, such as fuel filters, spark plugs, etc. These can be added as chargeable extras or it is referred to as a major service and charged accordingly.

Missing a service appointment in your busy life can hamper your vehicle's performance. GoMechanic is a one-stop service station for a wide range of customers who look to take up quality service from expert technicians at a reasonable price. GoMechanic focuses on mode techniques and expertise for your Toyota vehicle. Whether you come in for a wash or repair service, you know that when you pull away from GoMechanic, your car has been completely checked for any reasonable problems and providing expert solutions for the same. Today GoMechanic has become the people's choice who value their cars and prefer only the best when it comes to service.

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Toyota Service Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. BASICRs.2299
2. STANDARDRs.2699
This data was last updated on 31/10/2020