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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App
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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your car does not crank, the battery may be dead. You can start it or call the nearest GoMechanic service center for help. If it cranks but does not start, there is either not enough fuel or some problem with the vehicle starting system, you need to get it checked by a trained mechanic for fixing faults or just arrange a pick up by booking repair at our website.
Honda recommends Synthetic Engine oil because it is synthetically engineered and specifically tailored to the requirement of Honda engines (taking into consideration factors such as the speed, load and temperature conditions) by selecting highly refined base oils and specific chemical additives to achieve the desired properties.
Regular oil changes are a part of the full maintenance responsibilities mentioned in the manual. The Honda Care Sentinel extended the tire manufacturer's warranty to cover damage from pits, nails, glass, and other road hazards.
The first service for a brand-new Honda car is usually scheduled for 12 months or up to a specific mileage (it varies from 10,000 - 15,000 miles) - whichever comes first. This varies amongst models and should be detailed in your vehicle manual.
It is important to get your car serviced regularly on given intervals, even if the service light on drivers console is not on. Regular usage of the car decreases the quality and quantity of engine oil and if driven with less or no oil in the engine, you can seriously damage the head gasket or piston and when it breaks, the repair can cost a small fortune.

Honda Service Center Near Me

Find the best auto service for your Honda Car at the nearest GoMechanic Service Center. Simply search "Honda Car Service Center Near Me" or "Honda Car Spare Parts Shop Near Me" and get yours!

Have a Honda car? And looking for a service center nearby? GoMechanic has got you covered with the best service and repair for all models offered by Honda in India. With the help of an expert crew & technicians readily available at your fingertips, we offer a seamless service experience and our expert mechanics understand your car’s problems and suggest the best ways to fix them with our “ Repair First ” approach. We service almost the entire range of Honda cars i.e Honda City, Honda Amaze, Honda Civic, Honda WRV, Honda Jazz, Honda BRV, Honda Accord, and Honda CR-V. You can type "Honda City Car Service Near Me" or "Honda Jazz Car Service Near Me" or "Honda BRV Car Service Near Me" for specific car services on Honda car models.

What to look for? 

Honda Car Service Center Near me

GoMechanic service aims to prevent car breakdowns and failures. Regular car servicing helps optimize the car's performance, reliability, safety, and durability while ensuring a good resale value. Through regular vehicle inspection and maintenance, the overall performance of the vehicle can be optimized. Furthermore, it helps to avoid more expensive repairs that one may have to provoke in the near future. Start saving more, by searching 'Honda Service Center Near me' and book your periodic maintenance services at GoMechanic Service Center.

Honda Car repair near me

GoMechanic Repair Services specializes in all makes and models for Honda car dental repair and making models. Whether you need a small scratch on your car or a huge dent to fix, the expert mechanics at GoMechanic Car Repair Service centers can help you with all the car repair services. You can type "Honda Car Service Center Near Me" for finding the best match.

Denting and painting services include car scratch repair, car bumper repair, car painting, and more and with the help of trained technicians and equipment technology, we restore your paint jobs to the original at an unbeatable price. You can write "Honda Car Painting Near Me" for getting your car painted and "Honda Car Denting Near Me" for repairing the dents in your car. To add more details to your car, search for "Honda Car Detailing Near Me" in the browser. 

Honda Car AC Service Center Near Me

At GoMechanic, best car AC services such as car AC compressor repair, fixing cold leaks and car repair is done at affordable prices. At the center, trained and experienced mechanic examines all faults associated with air conditioning systems such as leaks, faulty compressors, etc. They will repair or replace parts to ensure that your car’s AC is working properly for a comfortable driving experience in all weather conditions. To get your AC fixed, type "Honda Car AC Service Near Me" or "Honda Car AC Repair Near Me" in the browser.

Honda Car Accessories Near Me

Original car accessories can change the appearance of your car, giving you a pleasant driving experience and also to maintain the car in the best way. GoMechanic store nearby offers various accessories at best prices which will improve the appearance and provide original parts that fit your Honda car. Customers can buy car accessories and easily fit them at the time of delivery. To find suitable accessories for your car, type "Honda Car Decors Near Me" or "Honda Car Accessories Near Me " and you will find what is best for you.

Honda Car wash near me

We provide a wide range of car wash and cleaning services. The car grooming includes a full range of services ranging from basic car wash services to extensive interior and upholstery cleaning, dashboard polishing, vacuuming, and a protective coating. To get the best Honda Car Wash Near you type "Honda Car Wash Near Me" or "Honda Car Service Near Me" or "Honda Car Cleaning Service Near Me" in the browser.

Honda Car Wheel Alignment Near me

GoMechanic specializes in car wheel alignment service wherein the technicians use the latest technology and best equipment to check alignment and fix it. Appropriate car wheel alignment ensures the durability of the wheels, a comfortable and safe drive, and major savings on fuel. You can find more details on "Honda Car Mechanic Near Me" or "Honda Car Garage Near Me" or "Honda Car Repair Near Me" in the browser.

Apart from wheel alignment service, we offer many other services for your Honda car such as, car wheel balancing, car wheel repairing and replacement, a puncture for tubeless tires and fixing damaged valves, tire rotation, air pressure checks, adjusting inflation and fix all other problems related to wheels. 

You can find particular services by searching for them, like, "Honda Car Battery Near Me", "Honda Car Spare Parts Shop Near Me", "Honda Car Workshop Near Me", "Honda Dry Cleaning Near Me", "Honda Car Towing Near Me" in the browser 

It is relevant to worry about your car that is so expensive. Brands like Honda are always top-notch but if cared and maintained properly, they can live a long life. And for the same purpose, GoMechanic provides you best car services including dent repair, bumper repair, dry cleaning, accessories, battery repair or replacement, tyre suggestions, and so on. Hence, for your Honda Car, we have all the services available. Visit the nearest GoMechanic Center to you and let your car breathe fresh!

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Honda Service Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. Honda Ac ServiceRs.1699
2. Honda Cleaning ServiceRs.2299
3. Honda Periodic ServiceRs.3099
This data was last updated on 30/10/2020