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Frequently Asked Questions

It includes: 1. Refrigerant and refill oil to the manufacturer's recommended levels 2. Removing air and moisture from the system 3. The system performs a full check for things like leaks 4. Ensuring temperature output is correct 5. To eliminate odor if necessary, to clean the air
There is no service or maintenance schedule here, you do not need to recharge your air conditioning system every year or every two years. The best indicator that you need to recharge the refrigerant is when the system starts to cool less than it should and slower than usual.
The heart of the AC system is the AC compressor. If you suspect that your AC compressor or any other component of your vehicle's AC system has problems, consider getting it diagnosed by a professional technician. Other symptoms include: 1. Cabin temperature is above normal 2. Loud noise when the compressor is running 3. Compressor clutch not moving
Every two years, you should book your car to service your air-con. During service, the mechanic will replenish the fluids used by the system and ensure that everything is in full working order. Car's AC service will fix any defects in your air conditioning along with filling up gas, lubricants and change cabin air filters.
A car's AC system collects dust and debris during its working which prevents it from cooling properly. Lack of service or repair can cause many problems inside the AC such as water leakage, Less cooling, AC noise, etc. These problems can be avoided by regular AC service and maintenance from a professional technician.

Car AC Service Near Me

A car's AC system consists of five major parts, all working together to beat the heat in summer, and also helps in keeping you dry and warm in winter. They are:

1. Compressor

2. Condenser

3. Receiver Drier or Accumulator

4. Nozzles tube or Expansion Valve

5. Evaporator

The AC compressor is one of the most important, which function in a similar fashion as that of a household AC. It is responsible for pressurizing the AC system and keeping the refrigerant flowing so that it can function properly. As it functions in a continuous on and off-cycle, it is subjected to wear and tear every time the AC is tued on. Just like any other component on a vehicle, it will eventually fail and need to be repaired or replaced, just look for a good “ car ac mechanic near me”. 

Similar to having a blocked condenser, having broken cooling fans can cause a lack of cooling at your condenser and could cause your car AC blowing hot air. Common problems include broken fan blades, bad mount, but out motor, chipped fan blade, or simply have an electrical problem like a blown fuse or but-out relay. Likewise, you may have low refrigerant due to causes like loose connections, old hoses or the simple escape of refrigerant over time. These small leaks can cause your car's AC system to stop blowing cool air. So, regular maintenance of your car’s ac system is of utmost importance which is why you should pay a visit once every season at any car ac service center nearby.

Car AC Service Includes:

  • Refrigerant and refill oil to manufacturer's recommended levels
  • Removal of air and moisture from the system
  • System check as a whole for things like leaks
  • Ensuring temperature output is correct
  • Cleaning the air if necessary, to eliminate odor

If you experience major dysfunction in the working of your car's AC system, you will have to take it at a nearby car air conditioning service center and get it repaired. Service is generally for maintaining a relatively good condition of the system, whereas, repairs will need to be done separately. You will be notified before you undertake any repair work as this may incur additional costs, which requires a green light.

GoMechanic’s experienced staff are experts in fixing any kind of problem related to air conditioning servicing and maintenance, giving their best to keep your air-con unit in top shape for the summertime.

What to expect?

Car AC Services repairs are regulated by federal and state environmental regulations and must be performed by a certified technician using specialized equipment. It should include:

  • Detecting and preventing leaks: It can be tricky to find a small, slow leak in the hard-to-reach area, so sometimes multiple efforts are required to fix the system. The EPA discusses the difference between topping and recharging and Go Mechanic Service Centers nearby explains and performs specific steps for auto air conditioning service. 
  • Service also involves connecting an air conditioning system to a vehicle that does not have one. Installation typically involves cutting through a firewall, replacing the heater core, installing new under-hood components, modifying the dashboard and adopting existing ventilation controls are included.

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Car AC Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. Basic AC ServiceRs.1500
2. Comprehensive Ac ServiceRs.2500
3. AC Gas Filling TopupRs.999
This data was last updated on 31/10/2020