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Frequently Asked Questions

Alternator is a must to charge your battery while driving. Symptoms of a bad alternators are: Dim lights, odd noises, electrical issues, dead battery or engine stalling.
Again, it depends upon the battery itself, its state of charge and cells determines how much longer it will take to fully charge when at a car battery shop, which may take anywhere between 10 hours to 24 hours.
This is the question which often comes to mind while dealing with a faulty battery. Battery repair could be a cumbersome task and some may even charge hefty money for it. Just let us know by booking your car battery repair online at GoMechanic or from Mobile app and we will take care of the rest for you.
The battery should be replaced before its capacity drops to the critical level. On an average, a car battery lasts from 5 to 7 years. The battery lasts longer if the vehicle is driven daily and the battery is kept fully charged while doing so.
While most of the times if a battery runs down and you need a new battery altogether, the OEM or dealers replace it at no or minimal replacement costs which depends on various brands. Whereas, its repair might cost you a bit extra depending upon state of its cells and charge.

Car Battery Repair Near Me

Your search for "car battery service near me" is relevant and that's why we at GoMechanic work hard to fix your problems.

A good battery performance is important for a car to run perfectly, as overtime problems occur within or out of the warranty period which hampers customer satisfaction. Battery malfunction is seldom caused by a factory defect; mostly driving habits is one of the common reasons for its breakdown. Heavy accessory power drain when driving a short distance prevents the battery’s ability to charge fully which is so important for the longevity of a lead-acid battery. According to research, most car breakdowns are due to battery issues and it still remains a weak link and the breakdowns on 1.95 million vehicles six years or less are given below:

  • 52% battery
  • 15% flat tire
  • 8% engine
  • 7% wheels
  • 7% fuel injection
  • 6% heating & cooling

Hence, investing in a good battery, and keeping it well maintained is a must. A common reason for battery failure is acid stratification. The electrolyte on a stratified battery concentrates on the bottom, causing the upper half of the cell to be acid poor. Also, batteries tend to stratify if kept at a low charge (less than 80%) and never get the opportunity to be able to fully charge. Short distance driving while running car’s AC and/or windshield wipers adds to this. Hence, the result over a period of time is Acid stratification, which reduces the overall performance of the battery. However, mode car batteries have reduced maintenance requirements and may not provide the inlets for the addition of water into the cells. Certain batteries comprise of an extra electrolyte to allow for losses during battery life. Some battery manufacturers also include a ‘hydrometer’ to display the state of charge.

Although, sometimes battery maintenance repair could eventually tu out to be more expensive than the battery itself, but you can stay calm, as we bring the best Car battery replacement service near you at affordable prices. Below are a few things to look out for prior to choosing a car battery shop near you:

    • Make sure the battery rating meets at least  the minimum cranking amperage (CA or CCA) requirements for your car
    • Even maintenance-free batteries need periodic inspection & cleaning to ensure proper performance & operation
    • The fan/alteator or drive belt on your car is an integral part of the charging system.  Belts should be inspected for signs of wear and proper adjustment
    • Loose or corroded cables may prevent your battery from maintaining a full state of charge upon usage
    • One of the main causes of battery life is heat generated by the engine or due to the high temperature outside which causes more damage to batteries than cold weather, but starting a vehicle in cold winter weather puts more strain on it resulting in decreased engine’s inability to start or even stall while on road
    • If the battery in your car is not good or near the end of its operational life, the alteator may not supply the required amount of alteating current to keep the vehicle battery operating properly. If any other components in the charging system are malfunctioning, the entire system will suffer from poor performance or system failure. To prolong battery life, battery terminals and cable ends should be kept clean and free from corrosion. The battery and starting/charging system should be periodically tested for proper performance and many battery testers on the market today are able to predict when a battery is near the end of its useful life.

It's important for your car battery to be durable, long-lasting, and supporting in conditions when you need it. Your car starts and runs before your battery and that is why it is important to keep it in check most of the time. We at GoMechanic provide you the services that are safe and secure for your battery near your current location.

BATTERY REPLACEMENT: if you face problems with your battery every day you need to get it checked. Battery replacement can be your option when it is completely wo out. You can find various brands and options. 

BATTERY REPAIR: Battery repair is a cheaper option because it just takes labor charges and parts that are wo out. It is of course the first option when your battery shows bugs. 

BATTERY PURCHASE: You can buy a completely new battery from us in whichever brand you prefer. GoMechanic tries to bring you affordable ranges and makes it comfortable for you to buy batteries. 

BATTERY CHECK: Technicians at GoMechanic are always here to help you out with your battery problems. You just need to bring your car and get it checked. The problems and solutions will be told by our people at GoMechanic. 

Whatever issues you are facing with your battery, you can always call the GoMechanic workshop near you and we will come after your rescue anytime we can! 

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Car Battery Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. Bosch Car BatteryRs.4900
2. Exide Car BatteryRs.4200
3. Amaron Car BatteryRs.3630
This data was last updated on 31/10/2020