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Where Do You Want Car Bumper Repair Services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

It totally depends on what is the damage to the car. If the dent is large, then it can be easier to replace the bumper than to repair it. You can get the best advice from GoMechanic technicians in GoMechanic stores or by typing “Car Bumper Repair Shops Near Me” in the browser.
It depends on the damage done but on average, it takes 3 days to repair a bumper here at GoMechanic.
Yes, it is possible to repair plastic bumpers and the myth of it not being repairable is absolutely false. You can get more details on the repair at GoMechanic Store or by typing “Crack Bumper Repair Near Me” in the browser.
Bumper Repair at GoMechanic is affordable and uses modern technology. It is easy to get the service done from us because we are cooperating and trustworthy. We also provide the best possible comfort from our side.
Don’t worry at all! We are here and we would not let your schedule get disturbed. We have a policy of free pick up and drop in wherein you do not have to worry about leaving your work in between for any reason.

Bumper Repair Near Me

A bumper is a protective cover for your car that helps minimize the cost of repair after any major or even minor collision. Hence, it becomes very important to protect the bumper itself. Of course, it is very important to know what is protecting you and your car is worthy and strong enough to do it. To know which bumper is the best for your car, search for “Bumper Repair Near Me” in the browser.


The bumper is the protective shield for your car and hence it is very important to protect it and even invest in the best. Your bumper on the front and rear side of the car is going to protect your car from damaging after crashing into something or someone. Bumpers are of various types, to name some – Tube Bumper, Plastic Bumper, Step Bumper, Standard Bumper, and a lot more. Bumper Repair in the aftermath of any sort of small accident and it works in an elongated way where we have a process of giving full coverage for further strong protection too. We at GoMechanic here hire the best technicians possible who know what to do for the best result in the service. You can find many more details on “Car Bumper Repair Near Me” in the browser.


PREVENTING EXTENSION OF CRACKS: Cleaning the affected area and then digging a hole on the base of about 4-6mm in diameter to let go of the stress and prevent further damage.

INCREASING THE BONDING SURFACE: To increase the bonding surface open the crack up and if to increase the crack up to the edge of the panel, we open the end to make a ‘V’ shape and take out the plastic residue with a very sharp knife.

PREPARATION: Later we prepare the surface so that it does not give any problem like overheating or melting.

APPLYING POLYOLEFIN ADHESION PROMOTER: It is the fixation part and after applying the base allow it to dry for 10 minutes respectively for the front and the back.

FRONTSIDE AND BACKSIDE REPAIR: Using the additional parts on the affected area and for more strength, using seal tape is the process of repairing.

SHAPING THE SURFACE: This is the process where we make a place to shape, ready to either put plastic filler or directly applying the primer.

APPLYING THE FILLER: Here is when the process completes and we apply a primer to get you a full protected bumper. You can check more details on “Plastic Bumper Repair Near Me”.


The bumper is an important part of the car that helps to protect your car from further damage that might cost a lot of money and even affect the lifespan of the car. Hence, it is very important to have a bumper that is up to date and it is recommended to repair your bumper when damaged as soon as possible for you and your car’s safety. We at GoMechanic make sure to give you affordable bumper repairs to ensure your comfort with us. Our technicians are also well trained and hence the job done is great and affordable. You can check further details in the nearby GoMechanic Center or type “Bumper Repair Shop Near Me” in the browser.


Bumper Repair Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. Maruti Alto 800Rs.2000
2. Chevrolet AveoRs.2200
3. Honda AmazeRs.2400
This data was last updated on 30/10/2020