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Car Service and Repair Near Kasna

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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App
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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App

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Car Brand &
₹ 3999
₹ 4599
₹ 21999
₹ 1999
₹ 2399
₹ 12999

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is very important to service your car because car service helps to fix all the bugs your car may have and make it durable in the long run. You can find affordable car services at GoMechanic. Simply type “Car Service in Kasna, Greater Noida” and find the best results for you!
GoMechanic has different packages planned out for different needs. A basic car service may include facilities like Engine Oil Replacement, Oil Filter Replacement, Coolant Top Up, Air Filter Cleaning, Car Wash, Wiper Fluid Replacement, Interior Vacuuming, and Heater Checking. These services are very affordable and necessary for a good sustainable car.
You should generally service your car once in a year. GoMechanic’s experts recommend you to get a track of your car’s condition at least once in a year. To know more, check out GoMechanic's website or android app or type “Car Service Near Me” in the search bar.
Yes, it is very important to service the car every year because the car is constantly on the road and it may come across several problems throughout the year so it becomes very important to service your car annually.
Yes, GoMechanic has a wide variety of car models that it can serve because of the skilled mechanics. GoMechanic can tackle all the problems related to any model because of the updated technology and high-quality knowledge we have.

Car Service Near Kasna

A car in a healthy condition is always serviced. Car Service is an annual repair of your car’s damaged parts. Be it changing engine oil or battery or car lights or aligning tyres and steering, car service repairs all the bugs and makes your car new and branded as ever. 

If you are looking for servicing your car in the region of Kasna, Greater Noida, we at GoMechanic have great deals for you that will satisfy all your car’s needs at the national best prices and make your car smooth to drive. Check out the GoMechanic website or android app for more details or simply type “Car Service Near Kasna, Greater Noida” in the search engine. 


Basic Service: Basic at GoMechanic takes about 4 hours and it includes all the primary services that your car needs. Services that GoMechanic provides in this package are Engine Oil Replacement, Oil Filter Replacement, Coolant Top Up, Air Filter Cleaning, Car Wash, Wiper Fluid Replacement, Interior Vacuuming, and Heater Checking. This service costs about Rs.  5099/- which is very affordable for services that include so much. Get this service done every year and avoid all the unnecessary bugs. Book by typing “Car Service in Kasna near me” in the browser. 

Regular AC Service: This service makes sure to clean your AC and provide you with clean purified air so that you are comfortable while driving. If you think your car only faces an issue with AC, go for this service instead of the whole package. This package includes services like AC Gas TopUp, Condenser Cleaner, AC Filter Cleaning, AC Vent Cleaning, and AC Inspection which ranges for about Rs. 1799/-. If you want to know more details about this service just type “Car Ac Service Near Me” in the search engine or visit the nearest GoMechanic store. 

Wheel Alignment and Balancing: Tyres are an essential part of the car and to keep them in check is a priority and hence this service is recommended when you face issues with the alignment of your tyres and balance. This service takes up to 2 hours and includes services like Automated Wheel Balancing, Weight Correction, Wheel Rigdity Inspection, Alloy Weights Additional, Tyre Replacement if needed, Castor Adjustment, and many more. This service costs about RS. 1399/- which is the lowest for this kind of facility. Know more by visiting the website or android app of GoMechanic. 

Car Interior Sanitization: It is very important to keep your car hygienic and sanitized from within for your safety and car’s cleanliness. This service is done very efficiently by people at GoMechanic who know how to operate new technology and how to optimize the best out of their knowledge. This service may take up to 6 hours and include services like Car Wash, Anti Viral and Bacterial Treatment, Dashboard Polishing, Interior Vacuum Cleaning, and Interior Wet Shampooing and Detailing. This service costs approximately RS. 1699/- and is recommended to avoid diseases and discomfort while traveling for long hours. 

Full Body Dent Paint: It is important to keep your car polished and shining throughout to maintain its condition and class. To do so, you need to invest in painting the dents that may have occurred while driving. Full Body Dent Service provides you coverage on these dents and helps you to make your car shine like before. This service may include premium facilities like Grade A Primer, 4 Layers of Painting, Panel Rubbing Polishing, and Premium DuPont Paint. This service takes approximately 8 days because it is done with full care and assistance. And even after so much work on your car for 8 days, 

To check the latest offers on the app, feel free to visit the GoMechanic android app or website.


Car Service Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. Basic Car ServiceRs.2199
2. Standard Car ServiceRs.2599
3. Comprehensive Car ServiceRs.3499
This data was last updated on 30/10/2020