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Car Service and Repair Near Sukhna Lake

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  • Upto Rs. 25,000 insurance protection with every service request.
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Upto Rs. 25,000 insurance protection, every time you opt for Pickup and Drop.

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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App
Download the App

Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App

Price Comparison Chart
Car Brand &
₹ 3999
₹ 4599
₹ 21999
₹ 1999
₹ 2399
₹ 12999

Frequently Asked Questions

Book a service at the GoMechanic Service Center near Sukhna Lake for any car service.GoMechanic is the solution to all car problems under one roof. Car services to all car models from all the brands are serviced at the national best price.
The Basic Service is recommended every 5000kms or 3 Months. It includes Engine Oil Replacement, Air Filter Cleaning, Wiper Fluid Replacement, Oil Filter Replacement, Coolant TopUp along with 4 other services & come with a 1000km or 1 Month Warranty.
You find good and genuine car spare parts at the GoMechanic car service center near Sukhna Lake. GoMechanic Centers provide genuine car accessories from trusted brands. GoMechanic Auto Garages are well equipped and use only OES/OEM Spare parts where quality is assured.
GoMechanic Services lay a strong foundation by always providing the best repairs and do not add on unnecessary replacements. Our “Repair First” Approach is what makes us different from the market. We provide timely offers on car services and each service comes with a service warranty.
You can get alloy paint on the front and rear doors, bumpers, and even sides done at GoMechanic with grade A primer, premium DuoPaint, Panel Rubbing Polishing, and 4 layers of further painting. It is a premium and most updated technique of coloring your car available at GoMechanic Service Center near the Sukhna Lake.

Car Service Near Sukhna Lake

GoMechanic Car services are amongst the best car service and repairs in Chandigarh as the services are affordable, there is complete transparency in-car services, genuine spare parts are used, Free doorstep pick-up & drop facilities and are available at the national best price. 

GoMechanic Car Repair Center near Sukhana Lake, Chandigarh is a multi-brand car service center. Each service is carefully planned to take all the minor to major details in mind by the experts who are in the field for years. The motto is to provide the best car services at the utmost customer comfort. At GoMechanic a wide array of car services are covered. Car Periodic Services, Car AC Services, Car Repair & Replacements, Glass & Filaments, Denting & Painting, etc. to name a few. 

Booking a Car Service with GoMechanic is very simple! Login to the GoMechanic Android app or open the GoMechanic Website. Enter the Car Model Name and search for the car services that suit you the best. You can avail of the timely offers provided by GoMechanic. The best part is you save 40% with our upfront & competitive rates. 

A Quick Glance at the Services Provided by GoMechanic: 


Deep All Round Cleaning is recommended every 6 months. It includes Interior Vacuum Cleaning, Dashboard Cleaning, Interior Wet Shampooing, and Detailing, Pressure Washing, etc. at the national best price. 


Recommended every 10,000 km or 1 Year, High-Performance AC Service comes with an AC Gas Replacement (up to 600gms), Compressor Oil Top-Up, Condenser Cleaning, Dashboard Removing & Refitting, Front and Rear Cooling Coil Cleaning, and much more. It also comes with a 1000 km or 1 Month warranty. 


Alloy Paint is recommended every 1 Year and comes with a 1 Year warranty. It includes the use of Grade A Primer, High-Temperature Paint, 4 Layers of Paint, Alloy Preservation at the most affordable rates. 


The service includes inspections and replacements. It is recommended every 10,000 km or 6 Months. It includes a long checklist namely Engine Oil Replacement, Air Filter Replacement, Oil Filter Replacement, Cabin Filter/AC Filter Cleaning, Fluid Filter Checking, and many more. 


Brake Maintenance is recommended every 20000 km or  12 Months. It includes maintenance of Front Brake Pads & Rear Brake Shoes. Services like Opening & Fitting of the Brakes, Front Brake Pads Replacement, Front Brake Disc Cleaning, Rear Brake Shoes Replacement, Rear Brake Disc Cleaning, etc. are covered. 

Check out the best offers on Car Services on the GoMechanic Website or the Andriod App now!


Car Service Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. Basic Car ServiceRs.2199
2. Standard Car ServiceRs.2599
3. Comprehensive Car ServiceRs.3499
This data was last updated on 31/10/2020