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Frequently Asked Questions

A single car has about 30,000 parts, counting each part in the smallest gripes. Most of these parts are made by the OEM's and you can find the same parts made by third party manufacturers. All of these parts use different raw materials and different manufacturing processes.
There are different types of auto spare parts available, which are: Auto Electrical Parts: Starter, Armors, Switchboard, Field Coils. Nut bolts: Hub bolts, T-bolts, washers, nuts, transmission parts. Gears, tie-rod ends, ball joints, U-J cross. Brake Parts and Rubber Components: Brake hoses, fuel lines, engine mounting, support.
Car’s engine bay Outer body parts Body components including windows and trim Doors Audio / video equipment Camera Power supply system Gauge and meter Ignition system
A good rule of thumb is to replace the faulty part with a genuine one. Most commonly replaced part is car battery, which needs replacement after every four to five years and needs regular checks for dirty terminals, damaged cables, and physical defects.
While most car’s come with a spare tyre, but some don’t, hence keeping a spare tyre in your car gives a peace of mind and helps you to tackle a flat tire problem anytime, anywhere.

Car Spare Parts Shop Near Me

Car is an important aspect and primary source of transit for many people. Knowing about the basics of the car like it's spare parts will help with an overall understanding of how it works and what can be done in different emergency situations. Various types of auto spare parts can mostly be found at any Car Spare Parts shop nearby to make your jouey easy and comfortable. 

If your vehicle needs replacement of the parts following a collision or during servicing and maintenance, it’s essential that genuine parts are fitted.

Advantages of buying Genuine Spare Parts for your car: 

Here are some reasons to select an authentic car spare parts store near me next time your car needs a replacement:


The part replacement is essentially the same as the one you’re replacing, providing you with quality, assurance, and peace of mind.

2.Longevity and Durability

When you use genuine parts, it will help your car stand the test of time. The wear and tear of the genuine parts are the same as the wear and tear of the cars’ original parts.

3.Easy Selection 

Selecting a replacement part can be confusing and timely. Choosing an original part reduces the amount of time spent comparing options, prices, and compatibility conces you may have.

4.Increased Trade-In Value 

If you lease or plan to sell your vehicle in the future, aftermarket replacement parts may decrease your car’s value.

5.Convenient Ordering

Online Car Spare parts shop make ordering your replacement part simple and convenient. GoMechanic also deals in genuine spares in case your car needs a replacement, however, we primarily prefer “Repair First” techniques.

Whenever you need replacement parts to maintain your car, select only the finest model-specific items made by authorized manufacturers

The authenticity and quality of each manufacturer-produced part will keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. Low-quality spare parts can cause damage and loss of performance, even potentially compromising your safety and that of your passengers. As the items are designed specifically for your car’s make & model which will also fit better and operate perfectly the first time.

Different types of auto spare parts include:

  • Auto Electrical Parts
  1. Starters
  2. Armatures
  3. Commutators
  4. Field Coils
  5. Starter Bendix Drives 
  6. Alteators
  7. Rotors 
  8. Stators
  9. Housings
  10. Flash Relays
  11. Carbon Brushes
  • Nuts & Bolts
  1. Hub Bolts
  2. T- Bolts
  3. Washers
  4. Nuts 
  5. U-Bolts
  • Transmission Parts
  1. Gears
  2. Tie-Rod Ends
  3. Ball Joints
  4. U-J Cross
  • Brake Parts & Rubber Components
  1. Brake Hoses
  2. Fuel Lines
  3. Engine Mountings
  4. Support
  5. Brake Pipes
  6. Fuel Injection Pipes

Repair and maintenance of the spare parts is very important. The more you know about your car, the better you can take care of it and make sure that mechanics are fixing it properly. For instance a Spare Tyre, You can find a spare tyre for your car model at any authorized car spare parts store nearby. Keeping a spare tyre in your car gives a peace of mind and helps in emergency case of a flat tyre.

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