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Car Brand &
₹ 3999
₹ 4599
₹ 21999
₹ 1999
₹ 2399
₹ 12999

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the ceramic coating is better than wax polishing as it helps you get a glossier look and even lasts longer than a common coating.
According to the maintenance and usage, your car after ceramic coating will look new for 2 to five years. But if your coating is professional, it may last a lifetime as well.
Ceramic coating is a long procedure and may last for 3 days approximately here at GoMechanic. You can find further details on “Ceramic Coating Near Me”.
The ceramic coating needs at least 2 weeks to settle in, so it is not recommended for you to wash your car for at least 2 weeks. You can go for a touch-free wash to avoid paint wearing out before settling.
According to the latest offer at GoMechanic, ceramic coating costs RS. 17999. You can check the latest prices on the website of GoMechanic as well.

Ceramic Coating Near Me

Now, nobody likes scratches, dirt, and other unwanted particles that ruin the paint on their car surface. It not only reduces the class of the car but also makes the driver a little conscious about the car psychologically. To avoid such cases, the ceramic coating is recommended from time to time. It protects your car from wearing out and giving that dull look. To get further details about ceramic coating type “Ceramic Coating Near Me” in the browser.


 Ceramic coating helps to protect the paint from unwanted scratches, dirt, and other particles. The coating contains a liquid polymer. When we apply a ceramic coating on the paint the polymer develops a chemical bonding with factory paint. Ceramic coating can be removed only by abrasion and nothing else once it has been applied. Ceramic coating is highly recommended since it does not affect the actual paint and also lasts longer. Adding to these benefits, Ceramic Coating is also easier to clean. Ceramic coating is on high demand currently in the Indian market and people are ready to pay a considerably high cost to get it done. However, we at GoMechanic provide super affordable rates for the service. For further details, you can search for “Car Ceramic Coating Near Me”.


Complete Paint Correction: This service helps to correct all the parts of the car that have scratches or different color due to any other reasons. This helps to plan out the whole look of the car. For further details, you can search for “Ceramic Pro Near Me”.

9H Nano Coating: 9H Nano Coating is a 3-4 microns thick coating that protects your car from corrosion or rust along with scratches, dirt, stone chips, weather, iron powder, and even UV rays. Nano coating is hydrophobic and hence it protects the paint from dirt and other chemical contaminants with great water beading. You can search for “Nano-Ceramic Coating Near Me” for further insights.

Three Layer Coating: The three-layer coating includes three bases starting from the primer base and moving ahead with base coating upon which a clear coating of 2 to 3 coats is added. This process helps the car to gain semi-permanent protection to the paint. You can find details by typing “Car Coating Near Me”.

Ultra Shine Polishing: Ultra shine polishing evens down minor scratches and gives a plain glossy look over the paint to your car. It is absolutely necessary as it makes your car look very shiny and helps to add that touch to your car. You can find further details in GoMechanic Stores or just search for “Car Coating Near Me”.


All in all, ceramic coating helps your car to stay protected, gives a gloss, and helps with the weather conditions. Ceramic coating is definitely recommended for countries like India where the humidity is so high and UV rays can affect the car very easily. Ceramic Coating is also very time consuming and may take up to 3 days. But, it is always great to have semi-permanent protection on your car which will protect your car from all the troubles on the long term basis. Further lead can be guided by GoMechanic’s skilled technicians or by searching for “Ceramic Coating Shop Near Me”.


Ceramic Coating Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. HatchbackRs.14999
2. SedanRs.17999
3. SUVRs.23999
This data was last updated on 30/10/2020