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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App
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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App

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Car Brand &
₹ 3999
₹ 4599
₹ 21999
₹ 1999
₹ 2399
₹ 12999

Frequently Asked Questions

We can give you specific services after only checking what is the exact condition of your car but we can surely give you an overview which may include Basic Service, Standard Service, or Comprehensive Service. To get a bit of expert advice, visit the nearest GoMechanic Center to you
Yes, and absolutely yes. It is very important to service your car from time to time to avoid big problems in the future. The basic service of your car will keep all the parts in check, and they will be clean and ready to use anytime you want!
You should generally service your car every year but the need of servicing also depends on the daily use of your car.
It depends on what your car demands but general points of servicing may include Engine Oil Replacement, Air Filter Cleaning, Coolant Top Up, Wiper Fluid Replacement, and much more.
Yes, we at GoMechanic aim to provide services for as many models of the cars as possible and we are definitely here to service your Hindustan Contessa!

Hindustan Motors Service Center Near Me

Your car can surely throw some serious tantrums when you want to go out for a brunch or take your child from shopping and to keep your car ever ready to run on roads, you simply need to take care of it and service it from time to time. To save your little pocket and still have a great service done, check out the nearest GoMechanic Center and they will provide you with the latest offers that are available at their store. GoMechanic is usually always giving out some offers so that can be a great deal for your car throughout the year. Just type “Hindustan Motor Service Center Near Me” to find the best offers near you. 

Hindustan Motors has many models and we at GoMechanic aim to provide services for all the possible models so that it is accessible to you in an easier way. Hindustan Contessa, Hindustan Landmaster, Hindustan Ambassador, Baby Hindustan, Hindustan 10 are some rare models that can also be serviced here at GoMechanic. 



Periodic Services like Basic Service, Standard Service, and Comprehensive Service are included in this category. Engine Oil Replacement, Air Filter Replacement, Air Filter Cleaning, AC Filter Cleaning are some of the examples of the services provided by us. 


Your AC is most obviously a significant part of your car and to keep it in a working condition, you need to take up some services from time to time. They may include Regular AC Service, High-Performance AC Service which will check your AC Gas, AC Filter, Compressor Oil, and the whole AC Inspection. You can find a detailed description of the GoMechanic app or website. 


Hindustan Motors Tyres can be easily accessible to you by GoMechanic. You can shop with us at GoMechanic and also get tyre services like Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, Tyre Rotation are available at affordable ranges. 


To have a healthy car, it is important to keep it clean from in and out. Some services at GoMechanic like Monsoon Protect Shield, Car Interior Sanitization, Sunroof Service, Ceramic Coating, Teflon Coating are some popular services at GoMexhanic for your Hindustan Motors. 


Maintaining your car from all the dust, chemicals, and exterior scratches must be a compulsion. Full Body Dent, Alloy Paint, Bonnet, Paint on the rear and front side of the car including all the parts like a door, Panel, board, fender, etc. These services include 4 layers of painting with an A grade primer, and also a premium DuoPaint. Hence, these services can be very beneficial for our customers. We aim to become a customer-friendly company to carry out all the tasks peacefully and in harmony. 


Batteries are a starting point of your car which later supplies power to specific significant parts of the car. Keeping your battery maintained is important as well as compulsory and hence we at GoMechanic aim at giving you the best quality in terms of battery and provide you battery services that fit your expectations. Visit GoMechanic Center to know more about our battery services. 


To secure your car and save your money if anything bad in the future happens is a work of a Wiseman and we at GoMechanic give you the best packages related to insurance and security. Insurance-related to Windshield Replacement Doorstep Accidental Inspection, are some popular policies of GoMechanic. We provide you services including 25 Points Checklist,  Policy Inspection, Body Damage Inspection, Insured Cashless Service, and Insurance Claim Advice. 


To drive during the night can be risky especially out of the city and you definitely need a proper bright light. You can shop with us at GoMechanic for front and rear lights. You can also get your hos replaced with OBD Installation. For detailed knowledge about lights and hos of your Hindustan Motors, check the nearest GoMechanic Center to you. 


Front and Rear Windshield  Replacement, Door Glass Replacement, Disc Tuing, Engine Overhaul, Steering Overhaul, Front Suspension Overhaul are some popular services for your Hindustan Motors in this category. GoMechanic aims at providing the best possible rates and packages for your car and makes it even more accessible to you by its policies of easy booking and free pick up and drop-in services.


Hindustan Motors Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. HM AC ServiceRs.1599
2. HM Cleaning ServiceRs.2099
3. HM Periodic ServiceRs.3199
This data was last updated on 30/10/2020