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₹ 3999
₹ 4599
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₹ 2399
₹ 12999

Frequently Asked Questions

JK Tyres are ideal because of their qualities from working in all weather conditions to having a hardcore to go through rough roads and have a great grip along with the mileage. They are available in a wide variety of all car types and are easily available.
An average tire may start from RS. 1700 and can go up to RS. 3700. It depends on what car model you are choosing. Generally, JK Tyres are best known for their affordable ranges.
Yes, JK Tyres are best known for their quality of being very consistent in the wet or even dry regions. They provide full safety with the greatest grip possible.
GoMechanic is a very beneficial company, we think about the benefit of our customers and how we can bring the best deals possible so that our customers have the full benefit of our services. We are affordable and approachable both. It is easy to get your work done from GoMechanic.
Yes, GoMechanic has a free pick up and drop-in service which is great if you have a busy schedule and cannot disturb it.

JK Tyre Near Me

What runs your car are the tires and it is very important for them to be reliable, safe, and secured. You need to have a perfect combination of what your car needs and what the environment demands, to find a perfect match for the car can be hard but to find a perfect match for all the conditions a car has been put in is now made easy with JK Tyres. To get further details type "JK Tyre Near Me" in the search bar of the browser. 


JK Tyres are ideal for customers who love to travel long distances in the comfort of their cars. JK tires provide the perfect grip that is needed for your car to run smoothly. These tires run perfectly in all the weather conditions and can bear the heat, humidity, coldness, rains, and almost everything it will be put into. JK Tyres don't make a lot of noise and will provide you comfort in long trips where you obviously don't want to listen to your tires make a sound. The tires are strong enough to bear with potholes and puddles and are the best for both city and highway use. 

JK Tyres work the best for all car brands including Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Tata, Mahindra, Wagon R, Datson, Alto, Dzire, Hyundai, SUV, Innova and a lot more. There are different sizes and models available in the tire types to find you what's best for you. You can visit the nearest GoMechanic Center and find the best fit personally or simply type "JK Tyre Dealer Near Me" in the search bar of the browser. 

GoMechanic Tyre Services Include:

Tire Replacement: If your tire is wo out because of any reason possible, you can get your tire replaced from the GoMechanic Center nearest to you or type "JK Tyre Showroom Near Me". 

Tire Fitting: You get a complimentary tire fit when you buy a new JK Tyre from us at GoMechanic. 

Nitrogen Inflation: When you get this service done, the fuel usage of the tire is affected and benefited by 10 percent. 

Wheel Alignment: It is important to get your wheels checked for safety purposes from time to time and hence this service ensures security for long drives.  

Tyre Rotation: Tyre Rotation is the process where the tire is rotated and checked well, this ensures no trouble when you are driving and makes sure you reach safely wherever you want to. 


Tires are crucial parts of your car and hence it is very important to have the best ones in your vehicle. JK Tyres provide all the qualities in one brand. From weather conditions to smooth driving, they have got it all, and hence they are so good for the Indian market where customers have different needs. When driving with JK, you will not face any issue regarding your tire because they have a thick core and do not wear out easily after getting checked.  Your tire services are best known by technicians at GoMechanic and you can visit us in the nearby centers or type "JK Tyre Shop Near Me". 


JK Tyre Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. JK Tyre UltimaRs.1735
2. JK Tyre VectraRs.2700
3. JK Tyre UX RoyaleRs.2850
This data was last updated on 31/10/2020