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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App
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Choose and book a seamless car service experience and get upto Rs 500 off with the GoMechanic App

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Car Brand &
₹ 3999
₹ 4599
₹ 21999
₹ 1999
₹ 2399
₹ 12999

Frequently Asked Questions

For any issues with your Mini Cars, you can visit the nearest GoMechanic Service Center. We are well equipped and make use of modern technology to give you the best car services for your Mini Cars.
You can search for a nearby car wash center and you'll find us at the top of your search. Simply book an appointment online, select the type of wash you want and there you go! The pickup and drop facilities available will pick your car and deliver it all spotless.
You can visit the nearest GoMechanic Center for denting issues with your Mini Cars. The technicians are experts in resolving any dents and repainting the area making it look even as if the dent never happened.
Absolutely! That's what makes us customers' favorites. The services are affordable and we do not charge or add on services that are not required, unlike the other local garages. So, services are trustworthy and worth giving a try.
GoMechanic! You can get the best car services at affordable rates here. Any sort of repair is first investigated and then a reasonable plan is put forth to deal with it. We tend to give the best possible services by our 'Repair First' approach.

Mini Service Center Near Me

Looking for the best service center for your best Mini Cars? Are you tired of searching ' Mini Service Center Near me' or ' Mini Car Service'?

We can make your job simple! Try GoMechanic.

GoMechanic is a car servicing and maintenance startup having active workshops in Gurugram, Noida, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. The technicians have years of experience and knowledge about all the luxury models like Mini and skillful hands to serve you with the best of care services.

You demand and we offer! Yes, that's true. We offer everything from Mini General Services, Mini Preventive Maintenance Services, Mini Car Denting Services to basic AC Repair Services and much more. Services for popular Mini Car models like Mini Cooper and Mini Countryman are provided. 

How do we operate?

A car service or tune-up is a series of maintenance techniques performed at a fixed intermediate period, or after the vehicle has exceeded a travel threshold. What's more, we make this operation easy by helping you keep your Mini car up-to-date through our critical vehicle investigations that include a Car Engine Repair/Maintenance, drive framework, fuel, guiding and suspension frame, fumes framework, brakes, electric framework,

 Car AC Servicing, windscreen, mirror, number plate, locks, door pivots, safety belts, seat cover, and other general things.

Few of the popular searches are:  

Mini Car Wash Near me

Car Wash involves cleaning and reconditioning the interior and exterior of the car. The aim is to keep delivering a car that is spotless, maintain the paintwork by removing scratches, wax it to give it a shine giving it almost a brand new look like it did when you first drove it out of the showroom.

Mini Car Denting Near me

We utilize the automotive industry’s best denting procedures by using the latest equipment and techniques, all the way to skillfully removing it by hand wherever necessary in our all purpose-built workshops.

Mini Car Accessories Near me

Whether it’s keeping interiors clean and tidy, giving your car a differential look or keeping your car protected, we have a collection of creative car gadgets and accessories. Seat covers, alloy wheels, floor mats, air purifier, steering wheel covers, etc. is available here.

Mini Car Repair Near me

Rather than going roundabout in the motor markets, just head onto a GoMechanic body shop nearby for a seamless yet best bodywork. We incorporate industry best practices for all kinds of bodywork or repair for making your car look like a brand new vehicle and drive like one too.

Mini Car Detailing Near me

It includes Exterior and Interior Detailing.

Exterior: This includes vacuuming, refurbishing and integrating the original condition of a vehicle's exterior components such as tires, windows and wheels, and other visible exteal components.

Interior: Interior details include cleaning the inteal parts of a vehicle. Some of the components found in the interior cabin include leather, plastic, vinyl, carbon fiber plastic, and natural fibers. To clean the inner cabinet, various techniques such as steam-cleaning and vacuuming are used.

Our Specialities:

Our experienced technicians give a complete plan after doing a thorough investigation that incorporates everything from minor to major details that require attention. This involves a point-by-point inspection of various parts of your car, such as a vehicle body, paint, unintentionally caused harm, rust, and much more.

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Mini Service Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. BASICRs.2299
2. STANDARDRs.2699
This data was last updated on 30/10/2020