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₹ 3999
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Frequently Asked Questions

The average life of MRF tyres depends on the maintenance of the car, driving style, road conditions, car use, etc. Almost every car manufacturer recommends its customers to change the tyres every 5 years, regardless of tread depth available on them.
MRF ZEC, MRF SW99, MRF Perfinza CLX1, MRF Legend, MRF ZCC, MRF ZVT are some of the most popular tyres. These are available in different sizes and complement most Car types. You can visit the nearest Gomechanic center or search for ‘MRF Tyre Near me’ for more details.
MRF ZLO is the most expensive car tyre. It’s priced at 32,080 INR. Visit the nearest Gomechanic center or search for ‘MRF Tyre Near me’ for more details.
MRF ZEC is the cheapest Car tire which is priced at 1690 INR. You can search for ‘MRF Tyre Near me’ or visit the nearest Gomechanic center for more details.
Yes, MRF Tyres are the best tyres that you can get for your car. The tyres are designed especially for the city as well as traveling uses. The unique rib designs offer better stability and car handling on roads. Plus the low rolling resistance also helps to minimize fuel consumption which makes it a customer favorite.

MRF Car Tyre Near Me

Looking for a tyre that gives better stability, better handling on the rough road, has a better rib patte and the one that is long-lasting too? Go for MRF Tyres. MRF tyres maintain good contact between car and road by providing the desired traction. The quality of the tire supports the load of the vehicle dealing with various forces acting on a car during its motion and providing a cushion against shocks and damping them is its specialty. So, if you’re in search of the tyre with these specifications, look for the nearest center for MRF tyres or simply type ‘MRF Tyre Near me’ and you can choose the one that suits your car and interest.

MRF Tyre: Types, Price, and Specifications.

MRF Tyre is broadly classified as Manufacturers Recommended Tyre and Broader Tyre Size.
Luxury Tyres like Perfinza CLX1 ranging from 6000INR-14000INR and Comfort tyres like Perfinza CLX1 and ZLX ranging from 2500INR-8000INR are included in Manufacturer's Recommended Tyres. While Muscle Master for Van/Utility, Wanderer S/L & Sport for SUV, ZCT for value, ZLO for performance, etc. are included in the latter. The price for Broader Tyre Size ranges from 2000INR-28000INR.

MRF tyre comes out in flying colors to become an ideal tyre, as it offers optimum braking and great comfort in dry conditions and a superb grip under wet conditions. Another major attraction is its affordable price label, which is very competitive against other big inteational names in the Indian tyre arena. MRF tyres carry mass appeal and have customers betting high on them, they are vigorously tested by the leading tyre maker.

MRF Tyres fit perfectly for any type of vehicle. There are 254 tyre sizes available for different car brands like Maruti, Toyota, Honda,  Hyundai, etc. You can select an MRF tyre to find out its latest price, specifications, images, and more at GoMechanic Center. Search for ‘MRF Tyre Near me’ and visit the nearest center. It is its variety in size and better rib pattes that help select the perfect tyre for your bike, car, van or jeep. MRF also offers the widest range of tyres to all segments and manufacturers for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses.
MRF offers a wide array of passenger car tyres to choose from. Its unique design redefines your car's look and facilitates the best in class handling and comfort. Some of the popular tyre models include ZEC, ZVTS, ZVT, Wanderer, PERFINZA CLY1, ZLX, Wanderer Sport, etc. Visit the nearest GoMechanic Center for the best deals on MRF Tyres. You can also look for MRF Tyre near me on your search bar and find the best suitable tyre.


MRF Car Price List in India 2020

Car Service ListPrice
1. MRF ZECRs.1700
2. MRF ZVT Rs.2000
3. MRF SW99 Rs.2100
This data was last updated on 31/10/2020