A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Android Car Screen

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Buying your first android car screen can be confusing with so many brands and models to choose from. However, say you just got a taste of the feature-rich device in a friend’s ride and about time that you got yourself one of those. 

Google ‘android car screen’ and the internet will hit you with so many different models that it will cloud your mind with questions about which one to get, what to look out for, how big it should be and the like. We have done that research for you, and by the time you complete reading this article, you will most definitely be wiser in making that important purchase decision. 

A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Android Car Screen

With brands like Sony, Pioneer, JBL, Blaupunkt etc. blessing the aftermarket car accessories market with the latest universal car screens, it is important to get the basics right before buying. Irrespective of which brand or model you might be interested in, these are a few things you must consider before shortlisting. 

Display Type & Size

Ironically, the concept of ‘Bigger The Better’ doesn’t apply when it comes to car android screens. A double-din screen can come with various screen sizes starting from 6 inches and going all the way up to 13 inches. Choosing one that naturally accomplishes a snug fit in your car’s stock head unit slot is best. Don’t forget to check out the display type as well. A full HD IPS display with a capacitive touch screen serves the purpose very well. 

Processing Power

Much like a computer or a general android device, the performance of an android car screen depends a lot on the power of the processor. The higher the number of cores and the higher the clocking speed, the less the lag and faster your car screen will perform. A quad-core processor with at least 1.3GHz speed is a good starting point. 


It’s a no-brainer, but always look for the RAM capacity of your car’s android screen and select one that’s most suitable for your usage. If you are looking to multi-task, then getting higher figures is recommended. While external storage inputs are provided in most car screens, having built-in storage doesn’t hurt. 

Inbuilt GPS Navigation

This is one of the most important purposes your car screen will fulfil once installed. With an in-built GPS, you can use maps on the screen. Besides, with advanced smartphone integration, you can easily access Google Maps on your screen. 

Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

Using a handheld mobile device while driving is illegal, and certainly, you would like your car screen to offer smartphone integration. If you are an android user, then having wireless Android Auto makes it easier to integrate and use essential features of your smartphone via the car screen. For iOS users, Apple CarPlay accomplishes the same task. Fortunately, most car android screens come with built-in Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. 

Connectivity Options

Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity is a must for any android car screen you buy. Besides, WebLink and Phone Link allow you to connect mobile devices to your car screen and perform hands-free operations while driving. 

Inputs & Outputs

Just like a single-din car stereo, modern android screens also provide input and output slots to connect external storage devices, AUX cables etc. One of the most important inputs is for the rearview camera. Besides having additional USB ports, and audio & video outs, FM antenna inputs also come in handy. 

Built-In Amplifier

The perk of having an in-built amplifier in your car android screen is that you can directly feed the speakers/woofers/subwoofers with an audio signal from the head unit. Although having a dedicated amplifier in your car helps boost the audio signal from the head unit, installing one comes at an extra cost which can be curbed by going for a car screen with an in-built amplifier. 

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Reputed Brand

Global brands like Sony, Pioneer, Blaupunkt etc. are some of the key players offering the best car android screens available in the market. An android head unit is a long-term investment, and you certainly would want the best returns on your investment, won’t you? However, even domestic brands are now living up to the mark with GoMechanic’s very own private label car android screens offering the latest features at an unbeatable price. 

All Set To Get Your First Android Screen?

Hopefully, a little wiser about car android screens now, it is safe to say that you can now make an informed decision about getting your first android car screen. You would want to check out the handpicked car android screens at GoMechanic and get exclusive offers on your first purchase. Just remember to check the essential features before making that purchase decision.