8 Annoying Car Features that we never actually wanted!

8 Modern Car Features That No One Asked For

Its 2020 and all the cars we see in the market are feature-loaded! Many features have evolved in the last 10 years and now the cars have got some really cool features which make the driving or the riding experience convenient and fun. Among some really cool and useful features, there are some features which I think have been unnecessarily placed. Putting it into simple words, the car features I am going to list below seem to be useless or could have some other alternative to deliver the same function. Let’s dive into the list of 8 annoying car functions that we never actually wanted!

  1. Annoying chimes and warnings

    Car Seatbelts

    Okay, all of us are humans and sometimes forget to fasten the seatbelts or leave the headlights turned on. The car warning you about what you have done isn’t wrong at all but how your car reminds you of something, can be annoying at times. Modern-day cars have got bongs and sound warnings which seem a little annoying to me. For instance, my WagonR has got a visual seatbelt reminder because I am gonna look into the MID anyhow before I start driving. Visual warnings according to me were far better than the car unnecessarily making loud sounds all the time. This one is, therefore, the first on our list of annoying car features that we never actually wanted!

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  2. Voice Controls/Command

    MG Hector

    “Hello, MG, open sunroof” Okay, a great feature you would say. But think again, are we living in a Sci-Fi movie? This kind of stuff looks really cool in such movies where the lead actor communicates with the vehicle and it helps him in defeating the evil! I agree voice control is a fun-to-use feature and makes your ride convenient too, but sometimes, it can drive you mad! Ever heard about infotainment lags? The voice controls are not always responsive! Moreover, considering its India, even Siri fails to understand what I am trying to say! If you have a too deep or shrill voice, or kids at the back, your car’s voice control will struggle to work anyhow! A humble button can do much better.

  3. Gesture Controls

    Gesture Controls

    The 2021 Mercedes S-Class is the latest example trending on the internet for a car that has got gesture controls. You can wave your hand to command the car! Just wave your hand in the direction of the sunroof and it will open. Wave your hand in front of the infotainment and it will perform a particular function. Wait! are we driving or we are meant to sit and keep waving? Yes, this is why this great tech is also on our list of annoying car features that we never actually wanted!

  4. Start/Stop Technology

    Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

    Not defaming anyone but “Smart Hybrid” majorly means that the car would have the start-stop tech. It will switch the engine off for you depending upon the traffic and will end up saving fuel for you. Well, this is what they say! However, this feature can be really annoying at times. Imagine a hot summer day with jam-packed roads, is this feature anymore useful? I think the AC should remain operational and that is more important isn’t it? If you really want to save fuel, buy a true hybrid!

  5. Electronic Handbrake

    Hand Brake vs Electronic Brake

    Now you would say that this is a really good and helpful feature. Hold on! Ask an enthusiast. All of us are gonna miss the handbrake lever once the electronic version takes over completely! This is because the older tech is easy to use and at the same time makes driving fun. I am not promoting unsafe driving here but just imagine a racer with an electronic parking brake on a track! No power sliding, no drifts and no handbrake turn! This is therefore among the annoying car features we are listing today.

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  6. Keyless Entry Fobs

    Keyless car entry fob

    Keyless entry is a convenient feature for sure but the growing size of key fobs has made me think, is the key fob meant to replace our smartphone? Hold on! How many big-screened gadgets are we supposed to carry at the same time? BMW has started making these big-screened fobs and I am sure more brands are looking into it too! I have included this among annoying car features before it has even reached the hands of a common man. Believe me, its annoying for real!

  7. Touchscreen Controls

    Touchscreen Controls

    The world is shifting towards touchscreen technologies but now the automakers have unnecessarily taken a step further. Apart from the infotainment controls, some automakers have shifted crucial controls like AC to the touchscreen technology. It can be annoying at times when you are driving and need to surf through a menu to find a basic control such as the AC. This can drive you mad at times too! Touchscreens are cool, but the physical buttons did the job perfectly.

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  8. Lane Departure System

    Lane Departure Warning

    This safety tech is there to keep you in the centre of the lane. Whenever your car starts going out of the lane, the departure warning system works to put you back into it. I agree it is a great feature and will help make the roads safer as soon as it becomes a common feature in India too. But imagine a situation where most of the people on the Indian roads won’t have this feature (because they will still be driving their old cars). It can prove to be dangerous in that case where the person behind you can drive anyway he wants but you are forced to stay in the centre.

    Imagine another situation where you are cornering with a truck in your adjacent lane. It’s quite obvious it will need you to shift to the corner of the lane but hold on, will this feature allow you to do so?

These were the 8 annoying car features that we never actually wanted. The automakers are taking steps forward towards a better future but sometimes end up making features which can be annoying and useless in some situations. What do you think of the features mentioned above? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!