Giving respite to people who frequently shift bases, the government has introduced the much-awaited Bharat Series number plates. With the new BH Number Plates in town, the tiring process of transferring the registration of your vehicle from one state to another will finally be done away with. So here’s everything you need to know about the Bharat Series Number Plates.

What is it?

Bharat Series Number Plate // Representation

Well, simply stated, the Bharat Series is a newly pushed numbering series that will be used for vehicle registration across the nation, especially for those vehicles that frequently shift from one state to another due to their owner’s transferable jobs or any such other reason. The “BH” in the number plate will signify the term Bharat and will replace state-specific alphabets in the plate such as DL, UP, PB, etc.

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Breakdown of the BH Number Plate

BH Series Number Plate Breakdown // Source

The format of the “BH” series will be YY BH #### XX where YY will stand for the Year of first registration, BH will denote Bharat Series, #### will denote randomized numbers, and XX will denote Alphabets.

Who can avail the “BH” Number Plate?

Hindustan Ambassador
Govt Employees // Representative Image

As per the information by the ministry, the BH number series will only be available to private vehicle owners as of now. Moreover, registration facility under the ‘BH’ series will be available only to employees of the central/state governments, central/state PSU employees, defense personals, and private sector organizations/ companies, with offices in five or more states/UTs.

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Tax Treatment of BH number vehicles

While in a regular vehicle, one needs to pay the road tax for 15 years, for vehicle registering under the BH series, road tax will be paid only for 2 years, after which, owners can move to another state and pay the applicable tax as per the state policy.

The Advantage of the BH series

FASTag reading machine faulty? No need to pay any toll.
Interstate Movement// Representative Image

For those indulging in jobs that have a transferrable nature, the biggest hurdle is to re-register their vehicles from the parent state to the relocated state before the lapse of the 12 month period for which the law allows a person to use the vehicle without re-registration.

But with the new BH series in place, the vehicle tax will be levied in multiple of two years that will allow free movement of private vehicles from one state to another, in cases of relocation. Moreover, the BH series will also facilitate the easier transfer of ownership every time a BH numbered vehicle is sold.

So this was all about the Bharat Series number plate. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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