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Monday, February 26, 2024
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5 Ridiculously Expensive Number Plates In India

India is a country of auto enthusiasts and we can spot some of the most expensive cars that exist in the world on the Indian roads. Luxury sedans, sports cars or luxury SUVs, we have them all. We have all the luxury rides available in our country. Some people who buy these expensive luxury cars are auto enthusiasts. Others who are seen driving these beauties have them as a status symbol. Among all these, there are certain people who have their luxury cars with an added perk – the number of plates!

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Expensive cars are bought by many people in the country but expensive car number plates are a rare find. In this article, we have compiled 5 of the rarest number plates in India which are so expensive that you can buy a brand new car in the price that these people have paid to buy the registration number only!

5 ridiculously expensive number plates in India

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser CH 01 AN 0001 (Rs. 17 lakhs)

    Jagjit Singh Chahal | Land Cruiser
    Jagjit Singh Chahal | Land Cruiser

    Mohali-based businessman, Jagjit Singh Chahal owns a Toyota Land Cruiser with the registration number CH 01 AN 0001. Mr Jagjit spent a huge sum of money to get the “0001” registration number for his Land Cruiser. He has a fleet of luxury cars and all of them have the same registration number; 0001. To get the same number for his Land Cruiser, he paid this hefty sum.

  2. BMW 5-Series RJ 14 CP 0001 (Rs. 10.3 lakhs)

    Rrahul Taneja | BMW 5-Series
    Rrahul Taneja | BMW 5-Series

    Rrahul Taneja owns a BMW 5-Series which he bought in 2011. Rrahul feels that number 1 is lucky for him. He paid a huge sum of Rs. 10.3 lakhs to get the registration number RJ 14 CP 0001 for his vehicle. He sold his 5-series later on but retained the number which was inherited by his 7-series later on. According to him, he wants to be number 1 in whatever he does so he has bought this number plate. He has the same number for all the cars in his fleet.

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  3. Jaguar XJ RJ 45 CJ 0001 (Rs. 16 lakhs)

    Rrahul Taneja | Jaguar XJ
    Rrahul Taneja | Jaguar XJ

    Rrahul Taneja is here in the list again with another car from his fleet. Rrahul owns another car with the registration number ‘0001’.This man is a true motivation. He was once an autorickshaw driver and is now among the richest people in Rajasthan. His Jaguar XJ has a registration number RJ 45 CJ 0001. This is the most expensive bid he has ever made for car registration numbers. He paid Rs 16 lakhs for obtaining this number for his Jaguar XJ. As we said earlier, he likes to be number 1 everywhere so didn’t mind spending this sum to get the registration number.

  4. Toyota Land Cruiser KL 01 CB 0001 (Rs. 18 lakhs)

    K.S. Balagopal | Toyota Land Cruiser | Credits: AsiaNet News
    K.S. Balagopal | Toyota Land Cruiser | Credits: AsiaNet News

    Next on the list is yet another expensive car with another expensive number plate! This Land Cruiser is owned by K.S. Balagopal from Thiruvananthapuram. He spent Rs 18 lakhs for buying the registration number KL 01 CB 0001. He bought this number for his car back in 2017 and has a lot more luxury cars in his garage with VIP number plates as well!

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  5. Porsche 718 Boxster KL 01 CK 1 (Rs. 31 lakhs)

    K.S. Balagopal | Porsche 718 Boxter
    K.S. Balagopal | Porsche 718 Boxster

    The most expensive number plate on the list is worth Rs. 31 lakhs. This number plate is also owned by K.S. Balagopal from Thiruvananthapuram. He posted a winning bid of Rs. 31 lakhs back in February this year. The registration number KL 01 CK 1 is sported by his Porsche 718 Boxster. This 2-seater sports car comes with a price tag of Rs. 90 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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These were some of the people who have spent a hefty amount to get a special registration number for their car. We saw that some people have spent almost one-third amount of their car on the registration number! 

Crazy or wise? You decide!

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