The Indian automotive market is one of the largest automobile markets in the world. Perhaps this is the reason why every leading manufacturer from around the globe has its eyes set on India. But despite being loaded with some of the biggest names, there still are some iconic brands, that the Indian Automobile sector misses out on. If you’re wondering what these brand, then read on to know more.

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  1. Dodge

    Dodge: The Proud Manufacturer of the Challenger

    The proud manufacturer of the Challenger series, Doge is an American automaker that makes some of the best vehicles in the US. As a globally recognized brand, the Dodge is also prominent from Western Europe to Far East Asia, including our neighbour China.

    For a company that came into existence more than ten decades ago in the 1900s, Dodge is a supremely popular brand that is testing the patience of avid automobile lovers and consumers alike. With no information as to when the brand will make its entry into India, we can only hope that we wake up to the news of Dodge debuting in India one day! *Fingers Crossed*

  2. Subaru

    Japanese Automaker Subaru

    Founded in 1953, Subaru is a Japanese automaker that is well known for its ‘Boxer’ engine layout & Symmetrical AWDs. The maker of some of the best-looking vehicles to drive, Subaru, is an omnipresent name in a majority of automobile markets. And it would be surprising to know that the Subaru Forester was initially propelled in India by General Motors temporarily, but in a short span of time, it vanished from India.

    But nonetheless, Subaru is a name that is associated with a dedicated fan base of particularly those who love utility vehicles that are affordable. This makes Subaru a very prospective company for a market like India. We hope that Subaru notices the Indian market’s potential and make a debut soon.

  3. Peugeot

    Peugeot 208
    The Peugeot 208

    A company that started in the year 1810 as a family business. Peugeot has come a very long way and is now one of the best French carmakers in the world. Over the years, Peugeot has ruled many hearts as well as international awards for their vehicle inventory. Peugeot is also a brand that cherishes greener values and has time and again ranked in the top 3 brands with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe.

    Often dubbed as “The Lion”, Peugeot is a name that is known to produce rough, tough and evergreen vehicles. Mahindra had even acquired the Peugeot’s two-wheeler arm with plans to introduce it to the Indian Market. However, the plans never really crystalised and there is no apparent sign of Peugeot’s entry into India

  4. Mazda

    Euro NCAP
    The Mazda CX-30

    A highly popular Japanese automaker, Mazda has probably the most alluring vehicles out there. Known for manufacturing the highly capable Mazda 3; a vehicle with one of the most elegant styling that makes it stand out from the crowd. Mazda 3 comes with both petrol and diesel offerings that include – a 2.5/2.0 litre S-VT petrol motor and a 2.2-litre inline turbo-diesel engine, which we believe would very well suit Indian conditions. But no matter how alluring the Mazda 3 is, the saddest part of the story is that there is no confirmed news of Mazda making entry into India.

  5. Lincoln Motors

    Lincoln Motors

    An American automaker, known for making vehicles that are sheer luxury, Lincoln Motors was born as early as 1907. Later the company was taken over by Henry and Edsel Ford, who revamped the entire image of the automotive company, and turned it into America’s most admired luxury marques. Currently producing high-end luxury SUVs and sedans such as the Navigator and the Continental, Lincoln can truly turn the entire luxury segment in its favour if it makes its way into India. Well, we don’t currently know when that will happen, but as avid car lovers, we can only hope.

  6. Vauxhall Motors (Bonus)

    Vauxhall Astra
    The Vauxhall Astra

    With India adopting the electric sentiment quite fast, Vauxhall Motors is a name that has the stage set for an Indian debut. A company that started out as a pump engine manufacturer in 1857, Vauxhall started manufacturing passenger vehicles in 1903. The company was then acquired by General Motors in 1925. Since then, Vauxhall has come a long way in making vehicles that are also available in electric avatars. Be it the Corsa, Mokka or the Grandland X hybrid, Vauxhall’s entry into the Indian market is something to look forward to by all.

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