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Hyundai Alcazar vs Tata Safari | Initial Comparison

The 7 seater SUV/MUV segment has seen a lot of vehicles try out their luck. But the Tata Safari is a name that has passed the test of time. And now that the Safari has made a comeback, Hyundai too has a response. Yes, we are talking about Hyundai’s first 7 seater SUV; the Hyundai Alcazar. The upcoming debutant from India’s second-largest manufacturer marks the company’s entry into the 7-seater segment. And the safest bet played by Hyundai is basing the Alcazar on the Hyundai Creta; a 5-seater SUV whose popularity knows no boundaries. Even though each and every detail about the Alcazar isn’t revealed, we still couldn’t hold ourselves to do the Alcazar vs. Safari: Initial Comparison.

The Officially Revealed Hyundai Alcazar

The Price Spectrum

As I have told you earlier, I am the kind of person that brings up the price game early on. Because I strongly believe that pricing is a crucial aspect that can never be ignored when you decide which vehicle to bring home. And despite the fact that the Alcazar prices are nothing but mere speculation, it is still very relevant for those who are planning to bring either of the SUV home. So here’s how the price game looks like.

Hyundai Alcazar (Expected Prices) Tata Safari
Prices (ex-showroom) Rs 13 to 20 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi) Rs 14.69 – 21.45 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

The real-world pricing of the Alcazar will soon be revealed by Hyundai. But until then, I must say that if speculations are to be believed, the Alcazar would surely have an edge over the Safari in terms of price. With that said, the Safari is currently available in six trims; XE, XM, XT, XT+, XZ, and XZ+.

Practicality and Space

Tata Safari Interior
Tata Safari 6 Seater Interior

While dimension may not be an important factor for a majority of buyers, I still believe that it plays an integral role, especially in metropolitans like Delhi. And even though dimensions and practicality too, are an aspect that is currently unknown, Hyundai has nonetheless revealed a crucial detail, that makes a huge difference.

Hyundai Alcazar Tata Safari
Length (mm) Unknown 4661
Width (mm) Unknown 1894
Height (mm) Unknown 1786
Wheelbase (mm) 2760 2741
Boot Space (litre) Unknown 73 Litres all seats up
Ground Clearance(mm) Unknown 178
Seating Capacity 6 and 7 seater 6 and 7 seater

Despite almost all details falling under the “unknown” area, the Alcazar boasts a best in segment wheelbase of 2760 mm. For those who are unaware of how dimension matter, I must mention that a larger wheelbase directly translates to more space inside the cabin, and better practicality.

Both the Alcazar and the Safari come with a 6 as well as a 7 seater version, with captain seats onboard the former and a bench setting for the latter. Hyundai has however gone ahead to mention that the upcoming Alcazar will come with a 1st in segment second-row console armrest that will provide superior comfort and a premium feel, along with “Sliding Seats” that will offer versatile legroom.

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The Power Game

Car AC jammed suction line
The Power Game

No vehicle can truly be completed without an engine that is not only efficient but also adequately powerful. And when it comes to sizeable MUVs, the engine surely takes the centre stage. After all, powering a MUV is not a childish task, only a correct balance of torque, efficiency and power can actually make the vehicle shine amidst the intense competition.

Hyundai Alcazar Tata Safari
Engine Type 3rd Generation Nu 2.0 Litre Petrol Engine N/A
Displacement 2.0 Litres N/A
Maximum Power 159 PS N/A
Peak Torque 191 NM N/A
Manual Transmission 6-speed N/A
Manual FE Currently Unknown N/A
Automatic Transmission 6-speed N/A
Automatic FE Currently Unknown N/A

As evident, Tata’s veteran Safari simply misses out on a petrol burner currently. This evidently means that for those who love petrol, the Safari isn’t even a choice to consider. With that said, attention must also be given to Hyundai’s supremely capable 2.0-litre petrol burner which according to Hyundai’s official website can do a 0 to 100 sprint in under 10 seconds! *Hyundai Flexes*

Hyundai Alcazar Tata Safari
Engine Type Diesel Diesel
Displacement U2 1.5 litres turbocharged diesel 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel
Maximum Power 115PS 170PS
Peak Torque 250Nm 350Nm
Manual Transmission 6-speed 6-speed
Manual Claimed FE Currently Unknown 16.14 Kmpl
Automatic Transmission 6-speed 6-speed
Automatic Claimed FE Currently Unknown 14.8 kmpl

Well, things are quite different in the diesel game, where the Safari’s more powerful 2.0-litre turbo units takes away the crown in almost all aspects. The only thing that can save the Alcazar would be the mileage figures which the company would reveal later on. Other than that the Safari is really the true winner here.

Features and Safety | Who takes the lead?

The Bodyshell of Hyundai Creta
The Bodyshell of Hyundai Creta; on which the Alcazar is based.

From sunroofs to infotainment systems, each consumer has their own liking. And things tend to get a little spicier when a MUV is in question. We know how excited you are to pitch the Alcazar head-on with the Safari in terms of features and safety. But with only a little officially known, this is a comparison we wouldn’t wanna do right away since Hyundai hasn’t officially hinted anything substantial in terms of features as well as safety.

Well, we too are as excited as you are for the official launch of the Hyundai Alcazar. But till then, you can still get a fair idea of the vehicle and pitch it against key rivals for an initial overview. Make sure to keep checking the Go Mechanic Blog, where we bring to you everything related to automotive and much more.

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