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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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BS6 Cars Might Get Expensive In 2020!

Planning on buying a BS6 (Bharat Stage 6) compliant car next year. Well, be prepared to shell out more if you are planning to buy a BS6 diesel car. This comes amidst price hike in diesel fuel country-wide.

It just 3 months to go for BS6 in India. With effect from 1st April 2020, the Bharat Stage 6 emission norm will be officially implemented all over the country. But potential buyers are gripping with fear due to the rising fuel prices and hike in diesel-powered cars and micro-transporters.

BS6 Cars Might Get Expensive In 2020!
Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS

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While the price surge for small diesel cars will range from 3% to 5%, biggers diesel cars will see price inflation of more than 10%. It essentially means that a diesel SUV costing Rs. 10 lakhs today will get expensive by Rs. 80,000 while making a transition to BS6 norms. This can seriously hurt diesel-dependent car manufacturers like Mahindra and Tata who primarily rely on shifting diesel-powered vehicles to make sales.

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Small diesel-car manufacturer like Maruti Suzuki, on the other hand, is complete phasing out diesel as powertrain and focussing more on selling compact and economical petrol cars. Another reason for such transition is that upgrading a petrol vehicle to comply with BS6 norms is easy however, this is not the same with diesel, which requires various expensive and time-consuming modifications and additions which eventually increases the overall cost of the car.

Can BS4 cars run on BS6 fuel?

Say you have an old car, pre-2020, BS4 compliant vehicle. You might be wondering if this new BS6 fuel will damage your car. First, let’s get this one straight. If you drive a petrol-powered car, you don’t have to worry about compliance. BS4 petrol and BS6 petrol have very little differences in terms of their chemical composition. Petrol car owners can relax.

BS6 Cars Might Get Expensive In 2020!
Tata Altroz

Now, this is not the same with diesel though. BS4 diesel had a much higher Sulphur traces (50 ppm), whereas BS6 diesel contains only 10 ppm of Sulphur which is much forgiving for the environment. But why is Sulphur so important? A diesel engine relies on its injector to ionise the fuel for it to become combustible. Sulphur in diesel cars acts as a lubricant for diesel injector. Using BS6 diesel in a BS4 car will cause the injector to wear out prematurely due to less lubrication (low sulphur). This can also inadvertently increase emissions, due to disruption in the flow pattern of the fuel.

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