Air pollution is one of the primary causes of upper respiratory and other health issues around the globe. Since air knows no bounds, even our vehicles are very well affected by the phenomenon. In fact, amidst a global pandemic like Corona, air pollution as well airborne virus pose a great threat to our health and safety. And since public transport poses a greater risk of being infected, our vehicles are our only way out to travel when necessary. Thus, installing an air purifier can be the best precaution you can take. More than just cleaning the air, an air purifier offers much more benefits. Read on to know what these are:

  1. Gets Rid of Allergens

    Car Air Purifier | Coronavirus Travel Essentials
    Get rid of allergens with an Air Purifier!

    Anything from dust mites, pollens, particulate matter etc. can trigger an allergic reaction. Things get worse if you happen to be travelling with children and old age individuals often. But with an air purifier installed, you can be assured of cleaner and allergen-free air inside the cabin. Most modern-day air purifiers come with advanced HEPA filters that can get rid of about 99% of all particulate matter and PM 2.5 particles as well.

  2. Removes Unwanted Odour

    Ignoring the foul or suspicious smells | Common Car Maintenance Mistakes
    Remove unwanted smell with an Air Purifier

    The smell of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from stored fuels and automotive components can intensify the level of pollution inside your vehicle. Moreover, if you or your fellow passengers happen to be a smoker, the air quality inside your cabin can further deteriorate. With an air purifier switched on, you can get rid of not only the passive smoking odour but also the chemical and other unwanted odour which may have settled deep inside your cabin. With a breeze of fresh air, an air purifier can give you a cleaner and better experience of driving your vehicle.

  3. Gets Rid of Pet Dander

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    Get rid of Pet Dander with an Air Purifier

    If you happen to have pets at home, it’s evident that you travel along with them every now and then. And while it may be a wonderful experience for your furry friends, it isn’t as exciting for your in-cabin air. Each time your pets walk in, they tend to shed dead skin, fur and hair which add to your in-cabin pollutants. With an air purifier, flecks of your pet’s dead skin and minute particles of fur can be easily done away with, giving you a less polluted cabin.

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  4. Cuts out excess Carbon Dioxide

    Cut out excess CO2 with an Air Purifier

    We all know that we exhale carbon dioxide when we breathe. Thus, when we travel with our windows closed for longer durations, our cabin gets concentrated with excess carbon dioxide that we breathe out. Being in such an environment for long can lead to headache, breathlessness nausea etc. But with a good quality air purifier’s advanced HEPA filter, cleaner air is circulated within the cabin that balances out the carbon dioxide saturation, letting you breathe easy.

  5. Expels a majority of air pollutants

    Car Air Purifier
    Expel majority of pollutants with an Air Purifier

    Pollutants can be solid, liquid and gaseous. While some are man-made, some exist in nature itself. Every time we roll down our car’s windows, these pollutants find their way inside the cabin. Once inside, they cause havoc ranging from allergies to breathing issues. With an air purifier, these pollutants are trapped within the HEPA filter, while the carbon filter eliminates the carcinogens. The result? An absolutely refreshing in-cabin experience.

    So these were the top 5 benefits of having an air purifier onboard your vehicle. If you too are interested in buying an air purifier make sure to purchase it from our exclusive Go Mechanic Accessories page! Till then stay pinned and stay healthy.

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