Many car-related issues are easy to spot and fix if you know how to. If you are a Do-It-Yourself person, fixing a lot of car problems can be a piece of cake. Besides if you take a few proactive measures there won’t be a lot of problems for you to deal with in the first place.

Everything is solvable, including your car problems. As long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty or washing grease off your fingernails. Or is that nail polish you need to scrub off? Confused? Then read on!

  1. How to fix scratches with nail polish.

    Use nail polish to fix scratches
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    Using nail polish to repair scratches on your car’s coat of paint, is the oldest trick in the book. You can temporarily cover up scratches with nail polish. But applying nail polish on a scratch would not leave the paint job looking perfect. However, it is going to look better than before. Moreover, covering a scratch with nail polish can also prevent rusting.

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    Clear Nail Polish to fix windscreen scratches
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    We fix windshield scratches you can go for transparent nail polish. Apply some clear nail polish on the scratched portion of the glass. The nail polish would get trapped in the depression caused by the scratch on the windshield. Then you should let it dry. To have a smooth finish use a nail polish remover, to wipe the excess.

  2. Fixing dents with a plunger

    Plunger to iron out dents
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    You heard it right. We will warn you, this won’t always work. So if you find yourself staring at a dent on the side of your car, don’t wait. Get a plunger from the lavatory. First, you have to spray some liquid on the dent. Then, you can use the plunger on the dent. Push the plunger in and then pull, ironing out the dent. We shall remind you again, don’t expect this to work every time.

  3. Use a razor blade to clean the windshield (only in the case of emergencies)

    We don’t recommend this! Do this only if it’s absolutely necessary. Let’s say you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. You have got somethings solid stuck on your windshield (like bird droppings or tree sap). And you feel like it is affecting your visibility and your ability to drive. Then you can get that razor blade out and start scratching.

    We have to warn you again. Don’t do this unless it is an emergency. Using your fingernails or a razor blade to remove hardened substances off your windshield can cause a lot of smaller scratches. After a while scratched up windshield can get to you.

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  4. To increase the range of your keyfob

    Secure cars with keyless entry

    Here is how you can temporarily increase the range of your keyfob. Bring the transmitter closer to your body. Why does this work? The bounded areas in our body act as a resonance chamber. This then amplifies the signal of your keyless entry.

  5. Cleaning the headlights with toothpaste

    Colgate tooth paste with headlamps
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    Toothpaste can leave not just your teeth shiny, but your headlamps too. If you feel that the cover on the headlamp is foggy, then wipe it with some toothpaste. This is because toothpaste is a little abrasive and can take care of the fogginess of your headlights right away. If you want to go the extra mile, mix some baking soda with the toothpaste. Besides, brighter lights also mean increased road safety.

  6. Opening the keyring with a stapler

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    Ever hurt your fingers trying to get the car key out of your key chain ring? Those days are over my friends. Grab your stapler. You’ll find the pin remover at the back of the stapler. Use that open the keyring and retrieve your key. Easy peasy.

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  7. Learn to diagnose the colour of the exhaust smoke

    Diesel Engine

    You can see if there is something wrong with the car exhaust by looking at the colour of the smoke coming out of the tailpipe. White, blue, grey or black smoke can mean different things. White smoke can mean anything from a coolant leak to ECU error. If you spot black smoke you can guess that the motor is burning a lot of fuel. You can similarly tell if something is up with your exhaust if you know what different colours of smoke mean.

    blue exhaust smoke

    To learn more read: Car Exhaust Smoking? Here’s Why. But if there is something wrong with the exhaust system it is better to go to a mechanic.

  8. To detect tyre wear

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    Use a coin to detect tyre wear. If you place a one rupee coin in the grooves of the tyre. If you can see most of the coin, this is bad. And if you can see the head of the Ashoka lion capital on the coin, it means the tread of your tyre has worn out. You should replace your tyres when the tread is down by 2/32 inches. For the best performance get new tyres when the tread wear is at 5/32 inches.

  9. Practise right foot braking for the brakes to last longer


    Car damaging habits

    Right foot braking is going to do wonders to extend the life of your car’s braking system. Also, train yourself in the art of engine braking so you can be nicer to your car’s braking system.

    To know more read: 6 Tips To Make Your Car Brakes Last Longer

  10. Clean your car

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    If you have petrol stains on your car floor you can use your dishwashing liquid soap to get it out. Besides a lot of day-to-day items lying around in your house can take care of tough stains and grease. This tip can be useful for those of us who like to eat fast food and snacks in our cars.

    Don’t forget to clean your car’s engine compartment with soap and water. This is because if there is any coolant, engine oil or other fluids leaking, you can spot them faster with a cleaner engine.

  11. Hacks to improve mileage

    Car Fuel Efficiency Hacks

    The first rule when it comes to improving the fuel economy is making the car lighter. How can we do that? Clean out the trunk of your car. As simple as that. Along with this, make sure you have your tyres in good shape, with the required air pressure. Underinflation can dampen your car’s mileage too. Also, every time you hit a stop sign remember to turn off your car engine.

  12. Top up your coolant

    Prevent engine overhrating
    Coolant Check

    Coolant is a liquid in your car engine. It plays a very important role in keeping the engine cool. The engine can overheat if the coolant levels drop. You should top up the coolant when the level falls below the guide marks.

    You can locate the coolant reservoir after popping the hood of the bonnet. One thing to keep in mind is to not mix two brands of coolants together. This can corrode the radiator. Mixing coolants can eventually cause the engine to overheat.

    Read more DIYs: 10 Basic Car DIYs Every Car Owner Must Know!

In the long run, if you know some of these car hacks you will spend less on fuel, brake replacement and of course on service. Even if a problem crops up, these DIYs will let your car stay alive and well, at least until you take it to a mechanic.

Also, don’t forget to be inventive and experiment with new tricks and car hacks. You might even come with a couple of DIY ideas yourself.

Of course, GoMechanic is here to cheer you on in your odysseys. But, if you feel like your issues are a little beyond DIY, then that is no problem either. Schedule a car service with GoMechanic and of course, we’ll take care of the rest!

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