7 Upcoming Car Launches Scheduled In January

New Car Launches January 2021

After the global pandemic, even the automotive industry across the world was on a ventilator. With slow signs of revival, car manufacturers on the planet are launching their latest offerings. One of the first vehicles to launch this January is the new 2021 Audi A4 facelift. But other carmakers also have several cars launched lined up in their pipeline. We recommend you to set your clocks for the following dates to get ready for the launch of the listed vehicles.

  1. Tata Altroz Turbo | 13th January 2021

    Altroz XT | Image for demonstration purpose only

    One of the most anticipated vehicles to launch in a month is the one from our home Manufacturer Tata. Tata Motors is said to launch their most-awaited and enthusiastic Altroz turbo.

    This is where Tata is combining their 1.2-litre turbo petrol MPI engine from the Nexon in their premium hatchback Altroz. Also, it is anticipated that Altroz will initially get a 6-speed manual transmission with a launch of a DCT automatic transmission later.
    Everything about the launch,
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  2. Jeep Compass | 7th January 2021

    New Jeep Compass

    Coming to the next segment the Jeep Compass was unveiled in the global market a while back. Now, this facelift is set to launch in the Indian market. At the global launch, the car was showcased with a re-resigned interior and subtle changes on the outside. With that, we assume that the engine option will remain as is that is turbo petrol and a diesel engine with an option of a 4X4. For more details,
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  3. MG Hector Facelift | January 2021

    Hector Delight | Image for demonstration purpose only

    MG is on the right foot since its launch. Well, the Chinese owned British carmaker is launching some car or the other in a span of a year. So, MG is said to launch a facelift of their first vehicle for India the Hector. As of now, we know that the new 2021 MG Hector facelift will get subtle changes on the outside.

    We also assume that the so-called SUV will retain the current engine options. But most importantly MG has addressed the problem of puny tyres as the MG Hector facelift might get bigger rim and wheel size.

  4. MG Hector Plus (7-Seater) | January 2021

    Hector Plus | Image for demonstration purpose only | Car Launches in January

    You might ask that MG Hector was launched last year? And yes you’ll be right saying that but in 2020 it was the 6 seater version that was launched. But this is the vehicle that’ll have less hype as the basic structure and aesthetic will resemble the MG Hector Plus 6 seater.

    This time around it is the 7 seater version that will be launching this month. Even the engine option is said to remain as is. Speaking of which, a turbo petrol engine with and without hybrid tech is an option. A diesel motor completes the lineup.
    MG Hector Plus

  5. Tata Gravitas | 26th January 2021

    Gravitas | Car Launches in January

    The domestic car maker Tata with an utter positive response from Harrier is set to launch a bigger 7 seater version of the SUV, the Gravitas. This SUV will also be based on the Land Rover Discovery’s platform. This means the Tata Gravitas will have no compromise in the ride quality and also road presence.
    To Know more about Gravitas

    Meanwhile, the Tata Gravitas will most importantly get 3rd row of seats, for obvious reasons. The engine and transmission options will be carried over from the Harrier. Set your calendar to 26th January as the Gravitas will be launch then.

  6. Toyota Fortuner | 6th January 2021

    2020 Toyota Fortuner Legender | Car Launches in January

    The perfect name that justifies the SUV Toyota Fortuner is Cult and it carries this name in bold. So, to kick start the new year Toyota will be launching the facelift of thet Fortuner on 6th January. Additionally, Fortuner will also get a premium variant the Legender which will be significantly priced higher than the conventional vehicle.

    One can expect the new 2021 Fortuner to get a slight bump in price as well as power (finally some change). Sadly, like the current model, there will be no option of a manual transmission. To know more about the launch
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  7. BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine | 21st January 2021

    2021 BMW 3 series Grand Limousine | Image for demonstration purpose only

    Now, shifting our focus to premium segment the BMW will launch their premium sedan after the 2 series. This luxury sedan is to rival the recently launched Audi A4. However, the 3 series will offer a better ride and handling package. Additionally, the BMW 3 series will offer only a turbo petrol engine. The BMW 3 series with this launch will get longer wheelbase, in turn, opening up more space on the inside.

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