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Ceramic Coating For Monsoon Rain | Should You Get It?

A car is actually an asset that is one of the essential components of defining success in India. Buying a car is among the most auspicious occasion for one as well as their parents. That said, cars will not remain as good as new if you’ll not maintain them. In no time, they will start looking dull and lose their charm, especially in the monsoon season. So, if you want your car to age well and look shiny new for years to come, ceramic coating is among the best out there in the market. Ceramic coating is not just affordable and long-lasting but also adds many benefits too. But what are these? And should you get ceramic coating? Let’s answer all your questions.

  1. Protection from harmful UV light

    Ceramic coated Porsche
    Ceramic coated Porsche

    If you are among the people that park your vehicle outside without any share, then the ceramic coating is something that should definitely get. A layer of ceramic on the vehicle’s paint will protect the paint from getting damaged by the sun’s harmful UV (Ultra Violet light). With that, it will prevent the paint from oxidising. As the paint oxidises, it loses its shine and hence looks dull with time.

  2. Hydrophobic Nature

    Ceramic coating
    Procedure / Ceramic coating

    Ceramic is hydrophobic in nature. This means it hates water, hence will repel it and will not let it stay in the vehicle. Yes, apart from automotive wax, the soothing water just sliding off the surface of the vehicle is because of this hydrophobic coating. Although wax is a solution, it is certainly not a long-term solution. On the contrary, the ceramic coating doesn’t require serious after-treatment. Just a wipe with a microfiber cloth will do just fine.

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    Additionally, as the monsoon season is just around the order, ceramic coating can also be a boon in heavy rains. A car treated with a ceramic coating will prevent water from getting accumulated on the vehicle’s surface. This eliminated the potential threat of rusting. Along with that, this also lowers the possibility of dust or any debris getting accumulated on the surface.

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    And if the dust does fall, microfiber cloth and a few drops of water will keep you sorted. Hence, we highly recommend getting ceramic coating for your vehicle before the monsoon.

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  3. The Gloss

    2 Years Warranty on Ceramic Coating
    2 Years Warranty on Ceramic Coating

    Now, if there isn’t any debris or dust settling getting accumulated on the vehicle’s paint. And also, there is no oxidizing of paint, you’ll get is a car that is shiny glossy and similar to the time that you bought it from the showroom. We at GoMechanic have treated cars of thousands of happy customers, that enjoyed the treatment while it was being done and also the end result. There have been instances, where this ceramic coating has acted as a boon for our customers. So, we recommend getting it done before the monsoon starts.

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What do you think is better for your car, ceramic coating and PPF (Paint Protection Film), let us know in the comment section below.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.


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