The people running their cars on CNG now get some breathing room. The government have extended the CNG cylinder leakage test validity. The car owner whose certificated expired after the 1st February 2021, can now get their certificates updated by 30th June 2021. The government took these measures considering the situation of the second wave of the Covid-19.

A CNG-Powered Honda City
CNG-Powered Honda City

What’s this certificate?

CNG Compliance Plate
CNG Compliance Plate | Image Source: (1)

To begin with, all the cars having an aftermarket CNG need to get the CNG cylinders tested after every three months.

  • This is a leakage test where high-pressure fluid is pumped into the cylinder.
  • Well, this test is not necessary if you have a vehicle with company fitted CNG kit.
  • As the CNG cylinder clears the test, it earns this certificate also called the compliance plate. On this plate, all important dates are mentioned.
  • This includes the date on which the test was conducted and when will it expire.

Is the certificate really important?

CNG Station
CNG Station

Nowadays, the penalties of not having the certificate or an updated certificate are huge.

  • Also, some CNG filling station will also not fill the gas in your vehicle.
  • Keeping that aside, it’s always safe to get the CNG cylinder tested, considering that the gas in the cylinder sits at more than 2500psi.
  • Typically the cylinder needs to be tested after every 3 months. And it should go through a thorough inspection after every 3 years.
  • After 3 years if the cylinder is OK, the certificate can be renewed but if not, you’d have to buy a new one.

So, this is for all the car owners with aftermarket CNG kits and whose compliance plate has expired after 1st Feb. They all need to visit the nearest CNG test facility before 30th June 2021 to avoid penalization.

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