Summer is already here and who doesn’t like chilled drinks while travelling? Well, gone are the days when you needed to insulate cold drinks or even water to retain the low temperature. It’s 2021 and now you can have a cooled compartment in your car which can always let you have that cool. In today’s featured, we bring to you, the cars in India with a cooled glove box! Have a look at these cars which can keep your drinks cool while you have fun on your trips.

  1. Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS & Aura

    Hyundai Aura Car Review
    Hyundai Aura

    Starting our list of cars with a cooled glove box, we have the Hyundai sporty twins where the Gi10 NIOS is the hatchback version and Aura has an extended boot. Both of them are equally good inside and what’s more? You get a cooled glove box inside both of them which lets you have your drinks nice and cool!

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  2. Hyundai i20

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    Hyundai i20

    This hatchback is surely class apart! We have seen that all the generations of the Hyundai i20 stand out from the crowd with some special features that they hold. This time, people might have blamed it to be overpriced but believe me you won’t feel like driving a hatchback when inside i20. It is also equipped with a cooled glove box without any doubt!

  3. Hyundai Venue & Creta

    Hyundai Venue IMT Is a potent compact SUV
    Hyundai Venue IMT Is a potent compact SUV

    The Korean automaker also has an SUV duo in the lineup and you will be surprised to know that both of them are on our list of cars with cooled glove box! Hyundai Venue and Creta, both have a cooled compartment where you can store your water bottles or other drinks during summer drives. Doesn’t this make them an extreme value for money product?

  4. Hyundai Verna & Elantra

    2020 Hyundai Verna
    2020 Hyundai Verna

    Not to miss out, the Hyundai Verna & Elantra also have a compartment where your drinks will be safe and cool during summers. It is clearly visible that Hyundai tries to include each and every feature in almost all of their cars. Therefore, we have started our list with this brand which is always a step ahead in terms of features.

  5. Tata Nexon & Nexon EV

    Tata Nexon EV
    Tata Nexon EV

    Both of them have only one difference that is the engine! Talking about the cabin, the feature in there are almost the same, therefore, both of them are on our list of cars with a cooled glove box! Now you can be sure of the fact that Tata provides something other than safety on their cars for sure!

  6. Tata Tiago and Tigor

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    BS6 Compliant Tata Tiago

    Lord Tiago! As they call it. Both Tiago and Tigor have got all the modern-day features that you can expect from a car of this price point. Talking about comfort and convenience, the cooled glove box definitely adds to what we already know about this hatchback sedan duo!

  7. Tata Altroz

    Tata Altroz XT
    Tata Altroz XT

    When i20 has a feature, how can Tata miss out on the same in their version of a premium hatchback? Well, Tata Altroz has slightly more than that 5-star NCAP rating that you know about. However, you might be a little disappointed with the NVH levels if you compare it to the i20.

  8. MG Hector

    MG Hector 2021
    MG Hector 2021

    Moving on, we have the MG family on our list of cars with a cooled glove box. Be it, MG Hector, Hector Plus or the Gloster, you will have your drinks chilled, every time you are out on a road trip!

  9. Volkswagen Polo & Vento

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    Volkswagen Polo

    Although we are a bit disappointed by the fact that VW has not updated the Polo yet, we are happy about the fact that they are giving regular updates regarding the features. Now that it’s 2021, the enthusiasts can be sure about the fact that they will get all the modern-day features inside these German machines which is why they are here on our list of cars with a cooled glove box!

  10. Toyota Yaris & Fortuner

    Toyota Yaris BS6 Launch Soon
    Toyota Yaris

    Although Toyota is planning to wrap this machine up from the Indian market soon, this one remains to be a complete value for money product. Among cars with a cooled glove box, we have the Toyota Yaris and the new Toyota Fortuner as well.

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  11. Renault Kiger

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    Renault Kiger

    Last but not least. On our list of cars with a cooled glove box, we have the Renault Kiger which can let you live that SUV life without spending much! Yes, you read that right. With all the features and performance that Renault Kiger has onboard, it can be the perfect pick to be your first car!

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