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CNG in an Automatic Car | Is It Really Worth It?

CNG – the green fuel that everyone is looking forward to nowadays. Blame the increasing petrol/diesel prices or the increasing pollution, switching to CNG or EV is the only solution we have as of now. While it can be really costly to convert your car into an EV, you can convert it to CNG by spending a very nominal amount. For manual car owners its smooth but what if you want to install CNG in an automatic car? Is it really worth it? Let’s find out!

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In today’s featured, we are going to have a look at one of the most asked questions in the Indian CNG market. Should you really go for CNG in an automatic car? Well, let’s dive deep this time.

CNG in Automatic Car | Pros

  1. Reduced Pollution

    A CNG-Powered Honda City
    A CNG-Powered Honda City

    The most obvious advantage of installing CNG in any car (manual or automatic) is that it produces lesser pollution in comparison to a petrol or diesel car. An EV still remains to be the greenest vehicle at present but as we said earlier, you can’t retrofit it! So Talking about CNG in an automatic car, you will definitely pollute the environment less if you decide to switch.

  2. Lower Running Cost

    CNG Powered Maruti Suzuki WagonR
    CNG Powered Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    All of us know that modern-day automatics deliver fuel mileage better than what a manual car does! So if you decide to switch to CNG in your automatic car, you can expect an even lower running cost. Doesn’t matter if CNG will increase your car’s mileage significantly or not, CNG is anyway cheaper than petrol (and we hope it always will be!). In this pandemic time where the economy is already on a fall and public transport has become risky, you can definitely plan to reduce your vehicle’s running cost by switching to CNG.

  3. Increased Oil Life

    Oil change | Engine Oil
    Oil change | Engine Oil

    Another advantage that CNG in automatic cars and manual cars can provide is the prolonged life of internal components like spark plugs and crankcase oil. It doesn’t contaminate or dilute the oil so you can be worry-free and use the oil for long. Similarly, the spark plug, CNG can ensure that your car’s spark plugs last long. Putting this in other words, you can say that the overall maintenance cost will also be less.

  4. Dual Fuel Availability

    Hyundai Grand i10 Nios CNG
    Hyundai Grand i10 Nios CNG

    We know most of you are already aware of this. But for those who don’t know, if you switch to CNG or buy a CNG car, it doesn’t mean you cannot drive your car on petrol! You have the dual-fuel advantage and can switch whenever you feel like it. Also, we advise you to run your car on petrol only for few initial kilometres to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of the engine and its components.

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CNG in Automatic Car | Cons

  1. Reduced Power

    7-speed DCT Transmission
    7-speed DCT Transmission

    If you are the one who loves a powerful drive and have invested accordingly, there is no point in getting CNG installed or even thinking about that. In case you have a turbocharged car, you should refrain from CNG without any second thoughts. If your car is a naturally aspirated machine with an automatic gearbox, you can still consider getting CNG in your automatic car but still, you will feel a considerable lag in the power generated.

  2. Lag in Gearshifts

    Honda City CVT Transmission
    Honda City CVT Transmission

    So now that we are talking automatics, you can’t say that you will shift according to your need. You will experience a huge difference in the shift points and your transmission will definitely go through a lot to adapt to that change. In case your kit is not installed and tuned properly, it can prove to be a threat to your car’s transmission.

  3. Effect on Drivability

    Explaining the CVT Gearbox and why its so Efficient
    Explaining the CVT Gearbox and why its so Efficient

    There is no such major effect on the drivability as you are not required to shift the gears anyway. Considering the fact that you only need to control the accelerator and the brake pedal, you can accelerate as per your need but at times when you are braking and accelerating frequently, you might face some unusual situations where the auto gearbox might take time to adjust with the new fuel due to reduced power.

These were the cons of installing CNG in an automatic car. We haven’t mentioned decreased boot space and the long refill queues because those cons are a bit generic and every CNG car owner knows that.


Harrier's automatic transmission
Harrier’s automatic transmission

You can go for CNG in your automatic car if you feel the current fuel cost and the pandemic situation are putting you in pain anyhow. Just keep in mind that the kit you install has got all the original components from the manufacturer To ensure this, you can get it installed from an authorised or a trusted dealer. Make sure the kit you buy is OBD2 compatible and is fitted properly and is tuned with utmost care. If you face any problem, particularly non-uniform RPMs, make sure you rush to the nearest GoMechanic workshop to get expert attention. Don’t put your engine or gearbox at risk. Happy Motoring!

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Vishal Khanna
Vishal Khanna
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  1. I am considering buying Seltos NA petrol IVT or New City CVT. Will CNG kit work in this model well? Do Kia/Honda dealers fit aftermarket kit?

    • Toyota (in this case, a Maruti rebadged car) is generally receptive to a CNG kit. You can go ahead with installing a CNG kit on your Toyota Glanza CVT.

    • Hi Uday
      Be very careful if installing CNG in an automatic car. i20 works fine with Lovato’s sequential CNG kit but make sure the installation and tuning is perfectly done. Steer clear from indian kits.

  2. Hi,
    I have purchased an i10 sportz 1.2 GLS automatic transmission 2010 model. My daily running is going to increase in a few month’s time. Can I go with the sequential CNG kit? I realise it will affect the power and gear shifting but economically CNG is looking a better option.


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