In over two decades and now with five generations, the Honda City has proven itself to be the quintessential C segment sedan through all these years and all the iterations we got to see. It is safe to say that you can never go wrong with placing your bets on a Honda City. Its performance from the petrol variants is unbeatable in the segment, the comfort levels are top-notch and the car is known for its reliability factor.

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But as they say “Nobody’s perfect”, Same is the case with the Honda City. You have probably read a lot about Honda City’s glory. But there are a handful of things in the car which the brand isn’t particularly proud of. So today we bring to you some of the common problems that Honda City owners have faced over the years in different generation models.

  1. Underbody Scraping (Low Ground Clearance)

    Honda City offers
    Honda City Low Ground Clearance

    This is the most popular Honda City problem concerned with the City(s) from the first three generations. This was more prominent especially with the third generation Honda City. These particular model year Honda City(s) had a low ground clearance and damping setup which made them scrape their belly every time it passed over a nasty speed bump. In the country like India where the roads are not at all as seamless as in other countries probably, a higher-ground clearance is a must, even for a sedan.

    4th generation onwards, Honda did respond to this concern and increased the ground clearance for the City.

  2. Massive Body Roll (Soft Suspension Setup)

    2017 Honda City Rear Suspension
    Honda City Rear Suspension

    The Honda City is considered to be a drivers car. With the performance it has on offer, a true driving enthusiast is ought to take it for a leisure spin. But there is just one hindrance, the Honda City comes with a soft suspension setup which causes a hint of body roll if you attempt to swift past a tight corner. Hence it does provide the confidence required for agile driving and doesn’t make the City as sharp as it probably is supposed to be.

  3. Door Channel Rusting (Drain Blockage)

    Water Drainage Channel
    Water Drainage Channel

    Another common Honda City problem which is most prevalent with the Honda City of people living in areas where it rains heavily. Due to some obstruction in the drainage passage, the doors tend to fill with water and you actually hear the stagnated water moving in the doors while you open/close them. It takes longer than usual for the water to clear out and in some cases, the water makes its way into the cabin.

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  4. Sunroof Clattering (Top Variant)

    2017 Honda City Sunroof
    Honda City ZX Sunroof

    The sunroof available in the top-spec variants of the City has been witnessed to have this problem. Going through a bumpy section of the road, the Glass for the sunroof of the Honda City has been observed to make a noticeable clattering sound as the car goes through bumps or potholes.

  5. Double-Horn Problems

    Dual Horn Problem
    Dual Horn Problem

    The positioning of the Horn in the Honda City(despite being behind the front bumper) is in such a manner that it is exposed to a lot of factors which cause the horn to go bad. Many customers have observed corrosion on the horn and too very frequently.

    A horn is a very essential auxiliary while driving a car. Driving a car without a fully functional horn can even have serious repercussions. So the frequent horn repairs and changes can a bit of a hassle and is definitely an issue with the City.

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  6. Ineffective-AC during Summers

    Honda City AC Vent
    Honda City AC Vent

    Especially in the Indian climate conditions, this particular problem can get very annoying. The Honda City has a lot of “Best in Class” features. But when it comes to cooling from the AC, the City doesn’t set any benchmarks there. The air conditioning in the City takes a lot of time to cool the cabin especially when the car has been parked directly under the sunlight for a long time.

    Also, the gas for the AC also tends to deplete very often and requires top-ups every now and then.

  7. Un-Refined Diesel Engine

    Honda City i-DTEC Diesel Engine
    Honda City i-DTEC Diesel Engine

    The i-DTEC variants of the Honda City aren’t as refined as its other diesel engine powered rivals. Owners of the Honda City Diesel are familiar with the Noisy attributes of the engine which makes its way into the cabin as you try to rev the engine hard.

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    The petrol i-VTEC has been known for its refinement over the years, hence such attributes from its diesel counterpart aren’t very satisfying.

  8. CVT and the Rubber-Band Effect

    Honda City CVT Transmission
    Honda City CVT

    The legend of the Rubber-Band effect from the CVT transmission on the Automatic variants of Honda City is very popular amongst the Honda Fanboys. The CVT is slow to react to the shifts and does not put down the power delivered by the 1.5 L, i-VTEC petrol engine as efficiently as the Manual does. Hence, taking away all the fun from the Peppy 1.5 i-VTEC mil.

  9. Clunking Noise from the Alternator Belt

    2017 Honda City Drive Belt
    Honda City Drive Belt

    This has been reported many a time by various Honda City car owners in India. The noise is very prominent in petrol models of the Honda City where users have reported hearing metal screeching noise when cruising or at a standstill. This issue eventually comes down a faulty alternator belt. Top tip! if you are out there looking for a second hand Honda City, make sure you look out for this very common problems before putting down your money.

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  10. Unresponsive Infotainment System (DigiPad)

    2017 Honda City DigiPad
    2017 Honda City DigiPad

    The 7-inch “DigiPad” Infotainment made its debut into the facelifted Honda City in 2017. It featured Bluetooth hands-free and telephony, GPS Navigation from iGO, MirrorLink (no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay), USB and HDMI support, Voice recognition and steering-mounted controls.

    Honda wanted to integrate a smart infotainment system to keep up with the latest trend. However, this went terribly wrong as various users have reported screen freezing, glitching, lag, long load time and total unresponsiveness while operating the DigiPad. On top of that, Honda used an obsolete version of Android for the interface of the DigiPad. However, Honda did try to make up for it by providing software updates to existing owners. If you are a Honda City owner and facing DigiPad related issues, make sure you reach out to Honda to avail a software update.

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  1. When you are planning to buy any branded car in india , first of all check every problems are repairable. Otherwise it is expensive for your pocket. Be careful.

  2. I have 2005 honda city cvt transmission when im on a sortie the transmission takes from 3rd to 2nd gear then 3rd then 2nd what the problem could be?

  3. Very poor customer service and after sales..once the product is sold…even if it’s in warranty, the replacement will take ages!!
    Think twice before going with Honda. Gone are the days when Honda was considered as the best.
    DIGIPAD replacement pending from 6+ months

  4. I am driving a 17 year old honda city only the engine is reliable, rest of all the problems noted in this article have been faced by me and still facing.

    These days better to shift to SUV rather than sedans.

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