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Buying a Second Hand WagonR? Here are the 10 Problems you should look out for

The used car market in India is growing rapidly. People nowadays prefer buying a used car because they get the same features by paying a lesser price! Some of us prefer the used car market because they get a better car to own for the same budget in which they would have got a smaller new car. For example, if you plan to buy a new WagonR, you would have to extend your budget to Rs. 5 Lakhs and above. But if you go to the used car market, you can easily get a WagonR anywhere between 2-4 Lakhs. Considering the used car markets, there are some problems which are common with a particular car. In this article, we will talk about common WagonR problems that owners face. If you are planning to buy a used WagonR, you can judge the car very well on these parameters!

Inspect before you buy!

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  1. Problems with the reverse gear

    WagonR Reverse Gear
    WagonR Reverse Gear

    One of the most common problems faced by WagonR owners is that the reverse gear doesn’t engage. Maruti Suzuki still doesn’t have an answer to this but WagonR’s reverse gear fails to get engaged sometimes as the car gets older. Make sure this is the first thing you check while you got on a hunt for a perfect Maruti Suzuki WagonR. Maruti WagonR is definitely a good car to buy but it can come with an unnecessary expense if this problem is already there. Let’s have a look at other common WagonR problems that users have reported.

  2. Engine Vibrations on idle

    WagonR Engine Bay
    WagonR Engine Bay

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR is known to have an engine which delivers great fuel efficiency. Absolutely no doubt it does. But owners have reported that the engine vibrations become high with time. This is often faced at high speeds. As the engine gets older, the vibrations persist at lower RPMs and even at the idling position too. Make sure to stay away from such pieces whose engines make high idling noise. Engines that make noise at lower RPMs are usually ill-maintained. If you are doubtful about a car’s engine, you can get it inspected at a GoMechanic workshop near you.

  3. Engine Knocking

    WagonR Engine
    WagonR Engine

    Another problem which persists in WagonR is engine knocking. This too happens when the engine is not serviced timely or is not used wisely. Engines that begin knocking deliver a sign of a possible overhaul job coming your way. It’s highly advised to stay away from knocking engines. For those wondering what is engine knocking, it is a process where the engine is not burning the fuel in a proper ratio. This can result in decreased power and efficiency in the early stages and even cause the engine to fail later on.

  4. Jerky Suspension

    Strut | Car suspension explained
    Strut | Car suspension

    Another factor that you might consider is the suspension. WagonR has got a relatively stiff suspension so the parts wear out relatively faster. WagonR owners usually complain about the suspension issues. Although, WagonR’s suspension issues are very cheap to rectify, just make sure the suspension hasn’t caused any bad to the tyres. You should always keep a thorough check on the suspension while going for a WagonR.

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  5. Steering Rattle

    WagonR Steering
    WagonR Steering

    A rattling noise from the steering is also one of the most common WagonR problems. WagonR offers a power steering which works quite well in the initial stages but can be problematic in the later years of ownership. If you are considering buying a used WagonR, then you must check the steering for any possible noise. Just tilt the steering fully while the car is stationary. This is the best way to judge the noises. Also, you can check the steering stability by turning it at moderate speeds.

  6. Electrical Issues

    Car Electricals
    Car Electricals

    Faulty electrical can be a common problem with any car. You must check the electricals thoroughly before making a deal. Talking about WagonR, it belongs to the Maruti Suzuki family so the wires are pretty much exposed. The wires behind the dashboard have a higher chance of being damaged due to lesser protection provided by the Indian brand. Make sure you check the electrical connections before buying any vehicle.

  7. Power Windows

    WagonR power Windows
    WagonR power Windows

    Even the LXi variant has got two power windows. The functioning of these electrically operated windows can be a hassle. WagonR owners have reported that the windows slow down with time. Just check the smoothness of the windows while rolling up and down. This can be corrected by minimal efforts but can be used as a huge bargain factor if the seller doesn’t know about it!

  8. CNG Tuning Issues

    Factory Fitted CNG | WagpnR
    Factory Fitted CNG | WagonR

    You can easily find a company fitted CNG WagonR in the used car market. Also, WagonR is the most popular hatchback in India among the aftermarket CNG fitment centres too. While choosing a CNG fitted WagonR for yourself, make sure that the CNG is tuned well with the engine. Also, check the RPMs don’t dip when you switch on the AC. Also, check for the RPM functionality when you switch between the fuels. RPM dip is one of the most common WagonR problems that owners have reported. This usually happens due to an incorrectly tuned CNG kit. In worst cases, this can also happen due to a damaged engine. Make sure you get the car checked before buying it.

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  9. AC Health

    WagonR AC Health
    WagonR AC Health

    AC is another issue that WagonR owners face. Remember, if. the previous owner has got the AC serviced timely, it will work really well. Also, WagonR being. an efficient car, running the air conditioner even in the idle stage doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. But make sure your car’s previous owner hasn’t run the AC in idle most of the times. You can anytime visit a GoMechanic workshop and get the AC health checkup done so that you don’t end up wasting money.

  10. Pickup-related issues

    WagonR 2013
    WagonR 2013

    The last one on our list of common WagonR problem is the pickup-related issue. Most of the times, WagonRs face pickup issues or acceleration lags in their older stages. As a used car customer, you need to check if the one you have selected has got the issue or not. In case the WagonR selected by you has pickup issues, you can bring it to us and get the estimate. This is not a major issue in many cases but the best advice is to get it checked before you pay a hefty amount for buying it.

There were the 10 most common WagonR problems that owners have reported. No doubt, WagonR is a really good hatchback to buy. You can find an abundant amount of WagonRs in the used car market. We suggest you to have a budget of at least 2Lac rupees to get a good vehicle that can be with you for at least 5-6 years. Choosing WagonR as your next car is definitely a good choice as it is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in India. Share this article with someone looking to buy a used car and let them know why WagonR can be their choice.

Vishal Khanna
GoMechanic's OG Content Creator | Automobile Enthusiast | Automobile Engineer | Blogger | YouTuber | The DIY Automotive Guy


  1. Fantastic article Vishalji. I am actually looking to buy a used Wagon R and as it is, came across this article just in the nick of time. If you don’t mind , I have a question for you. I am stuck between the Manual Transmission or Automatic Transmission models of the Wagon R and I am unable to make a decision. If going for a used Wagon R in the AGS category, which year’s model should I prefer? Is the technology from the 2016-2017 same as the current cars? What would be your advice to a 48 year old who doesn’t know how to drive a four wheeler? Automatic transmission is advisable in city roads or better to go for the manual version. Any specific problems with Automatic transmission cars form the past?
    Please advice.

    • Considering a 48-year old who doesn’t know how to drive, you should go for an automatic car. But the downside will be you won’t be able to get CNG fitted in your automatic car. Going for a manual one will let you have CNG fitment done later on. Otherwise, if you are comfortable driving it with petrol, AGS should be your take. WagonR’s AGS is the same whether you buy a ’17 model or the latest one.

    • Hi Nimesh
      for buying a WagonR AGS, you must make sure that it has never been run on CNG. Also, you need to get the gearbox checked thoroughly. For that, you can visit the nearest GoMechanic workshop and we will let you have an insight on the gearbox after checking it thoroughly.

  2. The above problems mentioned is not only for wagon R but all cars from Maruti 800 to Benz. Till date I use WagonR 2013 model vxi without any issues in all terrains.


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