Do you have a car which is way past its glory days? Or has the registration expired? But, you in love with your vehicle and want to keep it forever (like a few more years)? Or you want to get rid of it and get a new vehicle? Good news! you can now convert your old car into an electric one! Scrap it or Swap it. Read this article and decide for yourself.

Option A; Scrapping your Car

If you want to get rid of your vehicle and wanna buy a new one, getting the vehicle scrapped is the best option. The Vehicle Scrapping Policy by the Government of India also ensures good incentives and the best price possible. Government has authorised some scrapping yards for complete and environmental friendly scrapping of your car.

A joint venture between Mahindra Accelo and Metal Scrap Trade Corporation LTD. (MSTC- a Government of India Enterprise) was set up under the name of Cero. It is the first and only organised automobile recycler in India.

You can get your car scrapped hassle-free and they will get your car deregistered from the RTO also. The working parts which can be reused will be sold separately for which you will get benefits too.

The many benefits of scrapping your car

Convert your old car to electric
Convert your old car to electric
  • A social benefit is cleaner air. As inefficient vehicles will be taken off the roads, the air pollution levels will possibly decrease as the new vehicles cause very less pollution due to strict norms.
  • Vehicle scrapping will ensure removal of old vehicles and an increase in sales of new vehicles in India.
  • With the increased sale of new vehicles with advanced safety features, commuting on Indian roads will become a lot safer.
  • The government is setting up authorised vehicle scrapping facilities, this will generate huge employment opportunities in India.
  • If a car owner scraps his old vehicle they will stand eligible for tax rebates and a proposed discount of up to 15% on the purchase of a new vehicle.

Thus scrapping your old car is a very good option. Get a good price for your old car, get incentives and tax rebates on a new car. But there is another option for those who love their cars and will not be able to depart from it. Let’s take a look at this option now.

Option B; Convert your car to Electric

Convert your old car to electric
Convert your old car to electric
  1. Where can you get my old car converted to electric?

    There are few companies in India which can convert your car into electric. e-Trio, India’s first certified retrofitting company is one of them. You can get your vehicle fitted with an all-electric drivetrain.

  2. What is the cost of getting your car converted to electric?

    The cost of getting this retrofitting starts around ₹5 lakhs if you want a range of around 80 kms on a single charge. This cost can go up to ₹7 lakhs for a drivable range of up to 150 kms.

  3. What modifications are required to convert your car to electric?

    The company will remove all the IC engine-related components and will retrofit the car with an all-electric drivetrain. The engine is replaced by an electric motor. Unlike the new electric vehicles, there is a need for some modifications to be done in the car in order to make it driveable. You can reach a top speed of nearly 80 kmph in such electric-retrofitted cars.

    Convert your old car to electric
    Convert your old car to electric

    These cars will cause no pollution as there are no emissions. There is no need for gears now. Thus the drive also becomes a lot less complex than what it is with the gasoline-run engines.

  4. What is the charging time for converted electric vehicles?

    The batteries in these cars can be charged in 5-6 hours and it will take around one hour with a fast charger. The estimated range you will get after electrification will be around 150 to 170 kms

Latest News: Electric Vehicle Policy 2019 Draft Approved By Delhi Government

Will you convert your old car to an electric one?

Scrap or Swap? that is the question

Should you choose to scrap your car or get it converted into electric? Let us first compare both of the options available.

  • GoMechanic was able to get in touch with Cero scrapping. We enquired about the price of Maruti Alto 2004 model for scrapping. The price quoted was around ₹13,000.
  • The exact clarification, whether the quote includes the price of reusable material or not, is not with us at the moment. But they made it clear that the tax rebates and incentive policies are still in draft. Thus there is no such provision if you get your vehicle scrapped at present.
  • You can wait for the draft to be implemented if you are looking for incentives. Moreover, the company will help you to get the car de-registered at the RTO. This service will come at an extra price. You can do the process by yourself also. Cero officials will guide you through the process for free.
  • GoMechanic was also able to get in touch with the electro-retrofitting company, e-Trio. The price quoted by e-Trio for a 2004 Maruti Alto was approximately ₹5 lakhs. Keep in mind, electric cars nowadays are priced over ₹15 lakhs. In such a case, the amount stated is really low.

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Things to keep in mind when converting your car to electric

Maruti Alto converted to electric
Maruti Alto converted to electric
  • The range of the car is up to 150 kms at present. This is really low when compared to new electric cars from various companies which are offering range more than twice or even thrice times this range.
  • The converted electric car will be taking an equal time of charging as compared to other electric vehicles available in the market and offering a really low range.
  • Not to forget, new vehicles will come with a plethora of features which might be missing in your old cars. Safety features will also be a major issue when we talk about old cars.
  • The price factor is a major one tough, the electric retrofitting is going to cost nearly one-third of what new electric vehicles will cost. This price difference can be a major deciding factor among customers.
  • The scrapping seems to be a good choice if the vehicle scrapping policy, which is still in draft, comes into play as scrapping your old car may get you incentives and tax rebates on a purchase of a new car. Although the complete view can only be expected once the policy is implemented. For now, the price provided for the old car is not enough to get customers to scrap their old cars.
  • Electric conversion of your car will let you keep your car but at what cost? You will not be able to experience the thrill gasoline engines can provide. The range is also an issue here. The safety features up-gradation will also add to the cost.
  • So it is best, for now, to wait for a little while as there are many companies working on giving alternatives for the gasoline engine. At the Auto Expo 2020, many companies will showcase their electric vehicles which may prove to be a better choice. Also, the Government is working constantly and we hope to get some policy implementation soon. Let’s just wait till then.
Maruti Wagon R converted to electric
Maruti Wagon R converted to electric

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