After buying a new car it is always soothing making it your own. And how do you do that? Well, the best way to make your car your own is by gifting your vehicle cool car gadgets. Not only that do you already own a vehicle and want to give it a little refreshing look?

By adding a few new accessories and some new gadgets can make your car look and feel refreshing again. So, to save your precious time, here are 10 such cool car accessories you should definitely have in your vehicle.

  1. GoMechanic Olympus Android Screen

    GoMechanic Android Screen
    GoMechanic Android Screen

    In this day and age where everything is becoming smart does your car have a single din or a double din conventional audio system? Well, worry not, we have got you covered. We’d recommend you the GoMehcniac Smart Fit Android Screen. This is a 9-inch HD touch screen that runs on android. This means almost all the application can easily run on this huge gadget. The Smart Fit Android Screen offers features like HD video playback, built-in navigation and more. Click here to buy one.

  2. GoMechanic Carbon C4 Air Purifier

    GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier
    GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier

    Nowadays, we have to compromise on the quality of many things, air quality is one of those. Pollution, dust, and smoke are often ignored which should not be the case. This is where the GoMechanic Carbon C4 air purifier comes in handy. The new Carbon C4 Air Purifier comes with a premium grade HEPA filter that cleans the air around it in no time. With that this air purifier also boasts of an advanced double-layer active carbon filter that helps in maximum filtration. Want to get one for yourself? Click Here.

  3. GoMechanic Car Charger

    GoMechanic Car Charger
    GoMechanic Car Charger

    The current-gen cars come with at least two 12V power sockets. And one of the best ways to utilise them is to add a car charger to them. This is where we bring you the GoMechanic Car Charger. This charger is capable of Qualcomm 3.1 Amp charging which alloys this charger to charge your phone quickly. Hence all the phoned that support Qualcomm fast charging can easily be charged with this charger. The GoMechanic car charger comes with a premium all-metal construction. This ensures it lasts long. To buy one Click here.

  4. GoMechanic Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    GoMechanic FM Transmitter
    GoMechanic FM Transmitter

    The GoMechanic Bluetooth FM Transmitter comes really handy if the infotainment system in your car does not support Bluetooth. This device when installed can make any conventional stereo in a vehicle Bluetooth compatible. This means you can listen to your favourite tracks on a conventional stereo. The GoMechanic Bluetooth FM Transmitter is capable of hands-free Bluetooth calling and also is compatible with Qualcomm fast charge 3.0. Click here to buy one.

  5. GoMechanic Gusto Tyre Inflator

    GoMechanic Gusto
    GoMechanic Gusto

    Punctures are unexpected halts to a beautiful journey. And things can escalate quickly when you are in the middle of nowhere. So, the only thing that can save you from trouble is GoMechanic Tyre Inflator which comes with Auto Cut-Off.

    The Gusto Tyre inflator comes Equipped with up to 150 PSI of maximum pressure and multiple attachments for all tyre sizes. This powerful machine can inflate your tyre in just 2-3 minutes. This model also comes with a digital display and an auto cut-off feature so that you can be assured of a hassle-free experience every time you inflate. Buy it here.

  6. GoMechanic Neutron Car Vacuum Cleaner

    GoMechanic Neutron
    GoMechanic Neutron

    Driving a super clean car is a matter of pride. So with the GoMechanic Neutron car vacuum cleaner, nothing can spoil your ride. The unique selling point of this vacuum cleaner is a powerful 80W motor that gives 6000Pa of strong cyclic suction capability. This alloys the GoMechanic Neutron to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. Also, the best part about this gadget is that it produced less than 40dB of sound ensuring you’ll not disturb anyone while cleaning. Buy the GoMechanic Neutron here.

  7. GoMechanic Brevi A2 Car Charger

    GoMechanic Car Charger
    GoMechanic Car Charger | cool car accessories

    From connected car tech to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, modern cars are full of the latest gadgets and gizmos. Despite all the many high-end cars miss out on wireless charger. So, fret not! Because GoMechanic Accessories has got you covered. Introducing  GoMechanic Wireless Charger for your vehicle. With this one, you get wireless charging that can charge your devices 4 times faster than conventional chargers. Buy it here.

  8. UV Steriliser & Wireless Mobile Charger

    GoMechanic UV Steriliser
    GoMechanic UV Steriliser | cool car accessories

    With every passing day, hygiene is becoming the top priority in everybody’s lifestyle. This is where the GoMechanic UV Box comes in real handy. This UV box is known for disinfecting everything and anything that is kept inside. This includes your phone, keys or any other thing that fits in the box. Not to forget this steriliser also doubles up as a wireless phone charger. The UV box comes with a powerful UV light that does all the magic. Click Here to buy one.

  9. GoMechanic Sonus Car Speakers

    GoMechanic Speakers
    GoMechanic Speakers | cool car accessories

    No journey is complete without music that touches your soul and vibes. And for a great musical experience, a capable speaker is a must. This is where the GoMechanic Car Speakers are just right for you. These easy to install speakers come with a carbon fibre cone woofer, that can handle high power. With that, the speakers also boast of a balanced dome Twitter for crystal clear sound at all frequencies. So equip your vehicle with GoMechanic’s power-packed coaxial speakers from GoMechanic Accessories. Buy it here.

  10. GoMechanic Taurus Basstube

    GoMechanic Taurus Basstube
    GoMechanic Taurus Basstube | cool car accessories

    If you want to enhance the overall sound quality of your vehicle? Look no further. Introducing GoMechanic Taurus T1 and T2 that simply provides a premium sound quality. This bass tube comes with a 3200W output that ensures that the sound pushed is crystal clear. The GoMehanic Taurus has a rigid and compact construction that allows a good quality output and also it occupies less space. So for all the bass heads out there, you can buy the bass tube from here.

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