The Delhi Government on Sunday has issued a statewide health advisory to battle the ongoing air pollution crisis in the city. The AQI (air quality index) was recorded a staggering 999 in many places across Delhi. For context, normal AQI ranges from 150 to 200.

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Below is the official advisory issued by the Director, General Health Services:

Heath Advisory To Public For Protection From Air Pollution

  • The air pollution has reached a severe level in Delhi. It may result in morbidity among the exposed people
  • The air pollution harms and may cause respiratory illness in healthy people on prolonged exposure and even pronounced respiratory or other serious illness in vulnerable population even on short exposure
  • Therefore, the general public is advised to avoid outdoor physical activities, especially during morning and late evening hours.
  • The vulnerable population* is advised to strictly avoid outdoor physical activities and remain indoors and keep activity levels low to protect health from pollution.
  • Such persons having occupations of prolonged exposure such as traffic policeman, traffic volunteer, rickshaw puller, auto-rickshaw drivers, roadside vendors, etc. should take extra precautions.

The public is hereby advised to follow the following DO’s and DONT’s

Do’s ✔️

  • Remain indoors, or reschedule outdoor activities.
  • Consult the nearest doctor in case of breathlessness, giddiness, cough, chest discomfort or pain, irritation in eyes (red or watery).
  • Persons with airway, lung or heart illness should keep their medications readily available.
  • If using masks, use certified N95 masks and follow user instructions. Simple paper and cloth masks are not effective.
  • Continue use of clean smokeless fuels gas or electricity for cooking and heating purposes.
  • Use public transportation.

Dont’s ❌

  • Don’t burn leaves, wood, agriculture products, garbage.
  • Don’t go to places with heavy traffic and areas near polluting places, construction sites etc.
  • Don’t go for morning and late evening walks, run, jog and physical exercise.
  • Don’t open doors and windows during the morning and late evenings.
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes, bidies and related tobacco products.
  • Avoid driving cars, scooters and other motorised vehicles.

*vulnerable population means elderly, children below 5 years, pregnant women, persons with poor nutritional status.

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Check the real-time air quality index here



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