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Delhi gets India’s First Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Lab

It is a piece of really bad news that instead of the car now the novel coronavirus is taking the streets. The nationwide lockdown working to some extent, the people affected by coronavirus are still rapidly increasing. As the Central government of India is planning to increase the number of people tested per day, they are opting for different testing means for the virus. This is where the first drive-through COVID-19 testing lab in India comes in.

Covid-19 Drive-Through testing lab
COVID-19 Drive-Through testing lab

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About the Testing Lab

A private testing lab the ‘Dr. Dang path labs’ set up the drive-through at Punjabi Bagh in West Delhi. From 6th April that is yesterday, Dr. Dang Path Labs has started conducting the tests for the COVID-19 or coronavirus. The report on the drive-through added that it has covered about 40-meter long stretch on which the cars will pass in order to test for the virus.

The patient coming to the drive-through for the test has to follow certain guidelines. These guidelines include;

  • A Doctor’s prescription with the recommendation to get the COVID-19 test done. On which the doctors should add their registration number.
  • In addition, the customer should also possess a photo-ID like an Aadhar card for the registration.
  • For registration, the make, color, and number should also be presented.

Testing Stage

The test via the Drive-through will be done in 4 stages.

  • The first stage is all about the signals and the details about the testing lab. While driving through this stage the patients are requested to keep the windows rolled-up till they are asked to.
  • Through the second stage, the personnel at the center will verify the number plate, make and color of the vehicle. For safety, he/she will be wearing protective equipment.
  • At the third station, the test will be conducted after verifying all the documents. Trained personnel will hold a “Roll Down Windows” sign. Next, the testing will be done.
  • At the fourth station, the patients are expected to roll the windows back up collect the receipt and then drive off.

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This is to note that those opting for the drive-through testing have to register for the test online with all the registration details mentioned above. After the registration, the patients will receive a PDF that will direct them through the guidelines for the drive-through.

Why Drive-Through?

During the pandemic, this is an effective way to test the patients. Earlier, the tests were being conducted at the patient’s home or at the facility. This beholds even more risk of the coronavirus to spread. Now the testing can be done in a more confined manner. This is surely a big step towards the testing of the coronavirus pandemic.

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