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7 Essential Car Services To Get You Through The Lockdown

Car Servicing, an essential part of keeping your car healthy and maintained for the miles and miles it is destined to cover. However, this pandemic has something else planned for your car. The reality is; you are safe at home (stay home, stay safe people!), living that #pandemiclife and your car is unfortunately parked in the basement, by the side of the road, under a tree or shut away in a damp and dingy garage.

This is probably your car
This is probably your car | Image by Overdrive

The end result; a filthy car with a dead battery, unhygienic AC system and tyres with a flat spot. And this, in our books in Absolutely Unacceptable! So, in a typical GoMechanic fashion, allow me to introduce you to our COVID-19 Revival Service Package; an Expert-picked essential car service combo that is basically a 360° care package for your (parked) car.

And you know what? you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to avail GoMechanic services. Just take out your phone, Download the GoMechanic App, book your service slot at your desired location and we will be there in no time. We guarantee a 100% contactless and safe car service experience. That’s a GoMechanic Promise!

You can also book the GoMechanic COVID-19 Revival Service by clicking here by calling us on 93888 93888.

The Promise Of GoMechanic Suraksha
The Promise Of GoMechanic Suraksha

We have developed the GoMechanic COVID-19 Revival Package keeping in mind the problems a car owner faces with their parked car. There have been many instances where during an emergency, the car fails to start or break down in the middle of the road. Simply because it was left unserviced and neglected during months of being parked and ignored.

GoMechanic COVID-19 Revival Package
GoMechanic COVID-19 Revival Package

So, without further ado, here is a list of 7 Essential Car Service that can help you (and your car) to get through the lockdown.

  1. Engine Oil Top-Up

    Know Your Engine Oils | Car Engine Oil Grades Explained
    Engine Oil Replacement at GoMechanic

    Kicking off the list is engine oil top-up. We recommend a quick engine-oil top-up that will make sure your car isn’t running low on that precious oil. That engine oil in your car has a finite life span and over time, it breaks down losing its anti-friction and heat-dissipating properties. Hence, we would even suggest an engine oil replacement if the car has been standing idle for more than 3 months.

    Read: Engine Oil | A Comprehensive Guide | Everything You Need To Know

  2. Coolant Replenishment

    Coolant Colours Explained
    Coolant Colours Explained

    Fun Fact! What’s the difference between a Coolant and Anti-freeze? Antifreeze and engine coolant are basically the same, but not the same. Antifreeze is a concentrated liquid that must be diluted with water before use, at which point it is referred to as coolant. Coolant is essentially a 50:50 mixture of antifreeze and water.

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    Coolant Replacement comes out as a very important car service as it is important for keeping the engine running cool and efficient. Topping up the engine oil is highly recommended as it helps lubricate the cooling system (radiator, water pump etc) while also preventing rust and scale formation. Might we also suggest Radiator Flushing?

  3. Interior Sanitisation

    Our Service Buddy In Action
    Our Service Buddy In Action

    Probably the most important inclusion in the service package. We highly recommend sanitising the interior of your car. The reason being; virus, bacteria, mould and fungi build up which can make the car cabin hazardously unhygienic and the car un-drivable. For your safety, we suggest you do not enter your car and let GoMechanic take car of all your car problems.

    Our car disinfection covers over 100 dirty touch-points in your car and we use medical-grade sanitiser to disinfect your car. We ensure a 100% sanitised car interior.

  4. Tyre Tread Inspection
    New Tyre Replacement at GoMechanic
    New Tyre Replacement at GoMechanic

    Have you heard about FLAT SPOTTING? flat-spotting happens when a car is parked for too long of a period in the same spot without being moved even an inch. The compound inside the tyre, under the load of the car, begin to flatten out against the flat surface, which causes the tyre to flatten from the point of contact. And, you know what? the only solution for this is an expensive tyre replacement. Even a brand new car with a brand new set of tyres can have flat-spotting under the right (read wrong) conditions.

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    Hence, we have included our tyre inspection service where we inspect the tyre for flat-spotting and measure your car tyre’s tread depth.

  5. AC Vent Cleaning

    8 Signs Of A Failing Car AC - Car Air Conditioner Diagnosis
    A Car AC control panel

    Your car’s Air Conditioning system is the worst component to take the brunt of being parked for too long. We have seen car AC’s developed mould, virus and even fungus. This creates serious biohazard concern which can lead to breathing problems and even lead to long term respiratory diseases.

    Read: How To Get The Maximum Cooling From Your Car AC | Car AC Tips & Tricks

    If you have parked your car for more than a month, we strongly suggest you refrain from entering the car.

  6. 360° Car Wash

    The GoMechanic's Guide to Car Detailing
    Skoda Rapid Car Pressure Washing

    A car that has been parked for months out in the open or even in the garage will become quite a sight (all for the wrong reasons). A thick layer of dust coupled with “n” number of dry leaves seasoned with just the right quantity of bird droppings. So much so that you’ll forget which colours your car was. (You should have got the Ceramic Coating Treatment by GoMechanic).

    Hence, a 360°car washing is a must-have inclusion. You might also wanna invest in a good car cover. Maybe THIS will help

  7. Battery Jumpstart

    Car Battery Life
    Car Battery Life

    Last but definitely not least is your car’s battery. We bet you a free service that, if your car has been standing parked for more than a month, great chances are that the battery is dead and your car isn’t cranking.

    Read: What is the Right Time to Get Your Car Battery Replaced?

    Jokes aside, a dead battery can pose a serious issue, in case of an emergency. Our Battey Jumpstart service will take care of all your car worries. Our technician will come to your doorstep and jumpstart your car so that the alternator can start charging the battery again.

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