Although the world still goes through a pandemic, people have started moving out. All of us have realised that the lockdown had a positive effect on the environment as the pollution reduced because people stopped moving out. Now, it’s time, we need to get back on the roads once again with all the precautions. Its time to get #BackToTravel! Wait, you were home from the last few months? Your car was stationary too! Before you hit the roads or plan a road trip, you might need to get your companion checked. In today’s featured, we take you through 10 essential car services before a road trip.

Essential Car Services
Back to Travel
  1. Periodic Service

    Periodic Service

    The first thing you should go for is the periodic service. We know that your car has been lying stationary for long and you might be doubtful about getting it serviced because it wasn’t used at all! It is not so. You need to get your car checked if it has been lying stationary for long. Don’t worry, we won’t overcharge you and change/top-up only the necessary stuff. What’s more? You get additional 10% off on your car’s service if you use the code GOBLOG.

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  2. Steering Check

    Common Ciaz Problems
    Power Steering Issues

    Coming to the major components, you should get your car’s steering assembly checked. This is because your car might be low on the power steering fluid. Alternatively, your car’s steering mechanicals might need attention too. To ensure a hassle-free experience on the road, make sure you get your car’s steering checked before you get back to travel!

  3. Suspension Check

    2017 Honda City Rear Suspension
    2017 Honda City Rear Suspension

    Another important check that you need to get done on your vehicle is the suspension. Before you set on to a road trip, this is also one of the most essential car services that you need to get done before going on a road trip. If your car has been lying at a place for long, the joints, springs and other metal components can get damaged if they are too old. It’s better to be on a safer side and get it checked.

  4. Electricals Check

    Hyundai Aura Headlights
    Hyundai Aura Headlights

    If you are planning for a long trip, you need to make sure that all the electricals on your car work well. Starting from the lights, you should get each and every switch inside your car checked for its functionality. There is a high chance of rodent invasion inside your car’s hood so electricals are always at risk in a stationary car. Therefore, electricals are also among the essential car services before a road trip.

  5. Brake Service

    Disc Brakes
    Disc Brakes

    Talking of essential car services? Well, brakes are one of the most important components that help you gain confidence on the roads. You should definitely get your brakes checked at a GoMechanic workshop near you. It is advisable to replace the brake pads immediately when required because a delay in this one can be highly dangerous for you.

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  6. Cooling System Check

    essential car services
    Car Coolant

    Another one among essential car services before you set out on the roads is the cooling system. Your engine needs to be cooled well on long trips and your car’s cooling system must be functioning well for this. You should get your car’s coolant topped up or replaced (depending upon its condition) before you set out on a trip.

  7. Air Conditioner Service

    Essential Car Services
    Car AC Service

    Would you like to roam around without your car AC functioning well in these weather conditions? We guess no! You ought to get your car’s AC checked and serviced before you set out on a road trip to ensure that your trip is comfortable and hassle-free. Don’t worry, we offer free pick up and drop so that while you prepare yourselves for the trip, we prepare your car for the same!

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  8. Transmission Check

    iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)
    iMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

    Another important check that you must get done on your car before setting out on a trip is the suspension check. You should get a detailed checkup for your car’s transmission. Be it manual or automatic, both gearboxes need multiple checks if you use them after a long stationary period. We, at GoMechanic, have got expert mechanics who can get your transmission in place before you set out on a trip!

  9. Tyres & Wheels

    Essential Car Services
    Tyres & Wheelcare

    If your car has been parked for long, this service is definitely for you. You can get your car’s wheels aligned and balanced. Our technicians will also advise you regarding tyre replacement. Don’t worry, you get national best prices if you opt for tyre replacement with GoMechanic!

  10. Battery Checkup

    Essential Car Services
    Battery Replacement

    Your car’s battery is the worst-hit component if you park your car for long. You can opt for a jumpstart, get your car’s battery health checked and buy a new car battery with GoMechanic. You get a 5-year warranty with the battery you purchase! What’s more? Discounts await you here too!

These were the 10 essential car services that you should get done before you set out on a road trip. Considering your trip is long, you should make sure that your car is functioning well in every aspect so that you don’t get stuck on the roads due to any reason and end up ruining your trip. Don’t want to go in that much detail? Opt for a free 25-point car inspection with GoMechanic and we will let you know what’s wrong with your car! Share this article with all those planning road trips and help us make their experience, a memorable one!

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