Diwali, the festival of light, colours and prosperity was exciting. You may know, that this fantastic festival is all about celebrating with friends and family but because of the current circumstances, this turned out to be difficult. That said, we recommend not to leave your companion unattended, yes! Your car. But what about your car?

Even though everyone is super cautious when handling crackers they still can harm your vehicle. There is always a constant risk of fire and things can escalate to worse very fast. So, here are 5 essential Post-Diwali car care tips you need to consider.

  1. Avoid Car Covers

    Car Cover
    Car Cover | Diwali Car Tips

    Want to save your vehicle from dust and debris? well Covering it up with a car cover is a really good idea. But near Diwali is it safe to do so? Of course not. The covers might save the car from light rain and splashes. But the cover will not be able to save your car from a fire. Even putting the cover on and off from the car on regular basis can cause several small scratches. This can lead the car’s paint to fade.

  2. Covered Parking

    Covered Parking Spot | Tips for Holi
    Covered Parking | Diwali Car Tips

    Everyone doesn’t have a privilege of covered parking or garage. So, we recommend for a day or two make arrangements for a covered space for your vehicle. Diwali is all about lighting the skies with sky shots and rockets, sure selling and bursting crackers is restricted but you never know. After all, saving the car is better than regret later.

  3. Keep The Windows Shut

    Hydrophobic Glass Windows
    Hydrophobic Glass Windows

    There are a couple of festivals where one should keep the car windows shut. Definitely, after parking, no one will leave them open. So, when travelling remember to keep the car windows closed. Just about anything flying could hurt you or your car. From a bursting cracker to a rocket to a water balloon everything is dangerous for you and your beloved.

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  4. Fire Extinguisher

    Essential Car tools
    Car Fire Extinguisher | Diwali Car Tips

    Not just in the festive season, one should make it a necessity to carry a fire extinguisher in your car. A vehicle behind a machine, no one known what and when could go wrong. It is good to be on the front foot by having an extinguisher for emergency situations.

  5. Keep First Aid Kit Handy

    Essential Car Tools
    First Aid Kit | Diwali Car Tips

    Similar to a fire extinguisher, first aid kit too should be handy at all times. But talking about the festive season, everyone is excited and crackers can cause a serious burn and one should not take them as a joke. Besides, every car comes with a first aid kit so don’t forget to keep it updated at all times.

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In the end, this is a big festive season, enjoy it with caution and don’t forget to protect your family and your ride, after all, everyone needs a little bit of pampering.

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