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8 Features We Find Missing In The Tata Punch

Cars are more than just machines to transport people from A to B. For us Indians, cars are the significance of the fact that a child has grown up as he/she can afford a vehicle. That said, in the market, SUVs are the hot news these days, with people slowly ditching sedans and hatchbacks (starting from now). People had a misconception that SUVs are expensive; they really were until a new contender came to the mix, Tata Punch.

Currently, Tata Punch is the most affordable SUV in the Indian market. And if you don’t know, it sits a segment called micro SUVs. Also, Tata launched this micro SUV in October 2021, and it managed to be a part of the top 10 best selling cars for the month. Now, that’s quite an achievement. But some features are missing from the Tata Punch and we think should either be added to the existing list of features or can be added as an option. So, here are 8 features that we find missing from the new Tata Punch.

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  1. Sunroof

    Skoda Kushaq Sunroof

    An SUV, a sedan or a hatchback is kind of incomplete without a sunroof in India. India is so in love with this glass cut section on the roof of the vehicle. But it’s a sad part that not even the top-end trim of the Punch comes with a sunroof. Okay, we agree that non of the cars except Nexon and Harrier comes with one. Nevertheless, the Punch’s charm would drastically change if it has a sunroof even as an option.

  2. Led Headlights

    LED Projector Headlights
    LED Projector Headlights

    Let’s jump to another feature that we find missing in the Tat Punch, Led-leadlights. The micro SUV from Tata does come with a projector light setup and a feature that is a part of the more expensive cars i.e cornering lights. Where these do help a ton when driving at night, an addition of a Led projector headlight setup would have done wonders. Compared to conventional halogen bulbs, LEDs last a lot longer, consume a lot less power and are also a whole lot brighter (it’s a win-win situation). But it is the cost that matters here; nonetheless, having an option of an LED bulb for the projector would have been great.

  3. TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

    Nissan Magnite TPMS
    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    SUVs, be it a micro, compact or a full size one, are all best at mild off-roading and tacking the worst patches of road. Meaning they are a little more susceptible to a puncture. This is where a TPMS could’ve come in handy. Tata Nexon is one of the vehicles from Tata that do offer this helpful feature in cars. Still, you can have it as an option but it doesn’t come as stock.

  4. Rear AC Vents

    Rear AC Vents
    Rear AC Vents

    The rear A/C vents don’t require much R&D and can be had with almost any vehicle; these are the rear A/C vents. Okay, not criticizing but come on, many cars at this price point do come with one. Rear A/C vents do come in handy to control the temperature quicker and a little more effectively. Hence, rear A/C vents is something that should’ve been added.

  5. Front Center Armrest

    Center Armrest
    Center Armrest

    Off goes read A/C vents and so does the front centre armrest. All in all, it is a lot less tiring when you rest your elbow on the armrest. Also, people have also developed a habit of using the armrest to the fullest. But sadly, Tata Punch doesn’t come with a front centre armrest. I might be nitpicking here, but Puche does have a rear centre armrest, but those are deprived of cupholders.

  6. Ambient lighting

    Floating Island Dashboard Layout
    Floating Island Dashboard Layout

    Many cars, including some in Tata’s line-up like Altroz, come with ambient lighting. And, no Punch does not get interior ambient lighting, and to be honest ambient lighting doesn’t have any purpose other than uplifting the overall ambient of the cabin. Still, an addition of ambient lights, even as an optional pack, could have done wonders for the sales of the vehicle.

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  7. Engine Start-Stop Tech

    Start/stop feature
    Start/stop feature

    Let’s recall some details; Tata Punch comes with a little lethargic and not so efficient 1.2-litre petrol engine. And the efficiency of this vehicle further drops in typical city drives. Hence, the addition of engine start-stop tech may have given a little breathing room to increase the vehicle’s fuel economy.

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  8. Functional roof rails

    Roof Rails

    If we say, SUV one thing instantly comes into our heads, a big muscular vehicle with colossal ground clearance and a roof rack to store all the odd items. Sure, Tata Punch does come with roof rails, but it’s a disappointment cause those are not functional. Tata can easily modify to give their micro SUV roof rails that can haul some weight considering the limited boot space.

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Note: There are the features are we think are missing from a relatively complete micro SUV, Tata Punch. Also, it would have been like cheery on the cake if Tata could give them as an option. Apart from these features, Tata Punch is indeed a capable vehicle with over the top features. Additionally, in typical Tata fashion, Punch is also safe as it scored a mesmerizing 5-star rating in Global NCAP.

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These are our thoughts, let us know yours in the comment section below. Which feature do you wish should be or could have been a part of the new Tata Punch.

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  1. Practically Indian users don’t need sunroof. People think it’s not cool to load luggage on the top. Among the list, these two are not much of a problem.

    • Hi Prakash,
      We appreciate you giving us your time, but it is the Engine Start-Stop tech (technology, where the engine shuts off upon prolonged idling) we are after and not the start/stop button. Stay Pinned! 🙂

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